DJ Spotlight – Meet DJ Trubalsome

 DJ Spotlight – Meet DJ Trubalsome

Meet Holborn's resident DJ Trubalsome, who has been DJing at Gymbox Holborn for 12 years. He shares with us memories of his first ever DJ gig at 15 and why he loves seeing members dance on the gym floor.

You've been DJing since you were 15, do you still love it just as much?

Hell yeah! It's still does the same for me now as when I first learnt how to, I will always love it, it's in my blood.

What genres of music do you play?

I started out by playing jungle when I was younger, but I was also into garage. Later on in 1997 I moved over to the UK garage scene and had a good amount of success playing in all the major clubs in London, and up and down the country. I then started to play soulful house in 2003.

How have you had to adapt technology-wise?

Yes, but it's not been a problem – Serato Scratch is a God send! I can keep up with technology and still DJ old skool on my 1210s when I want to. Nothing like feeling vinyl in your hands...

Do you find it frustrating that most venues don't have record decks any more?

Yeah, but you can't stop evolution, right? So best to move with it and embrace the changes.

What has been the highlight of DJIng at Gymbox Holborn?

Just that I have been there from day one, 12 years ago! It was the first gym to have a live DJ, and I was the first DJ. iI's nice to see how far Gymbox has come. It's been amazing being part of the journey.

Have you got to know the members, and their taste in music?

Yes, which has been great. Because I've been there for so long and know so many of the members, I will always play certain tunes I know they like when I see them working out. They love it!

Do people ever start dancing while they're working out?

Yeah, they sure do! Over the years I've seen many a member shake a leg as the walk past me! Is fun to watch.

Any strange requests?

Not really, Gymbox members are quite well behaved. Well, mostly...

You're also a PT, what training do you do?

I love to run, do strength training, calisthenics. And now I'm a PT I don't really DJ out that much any more. Even though I have a different career now, I will always DJ as it's my passion.

When you were 15, what was your first gig?

At one of my mate's birthday party – the peer pressure was unbelievable! I was shaking like a leaf and – just putting the needle on the record was a task! Somehow I managed to hold it together, just! But because the pressure was so intense it just encouraged me to be better, so looking back it was a good thing.

In what ways has your music taste changed over the years?

Can't say it really has, I've always liked the same sort of stuff, obviously new genres of music have come about over the years which I have embraced, but my taste has always moved along the same sort of line.

Any embarrassing moments?

Taking the needle off of the tune that's playing... That happened a few times in the early days, but it was all down to nerves and inexperience, the learning curve you have to go through.