Earn It: How to be a Caveman!

Earn It: How to be a Caveman!

After Easter, Tom Wheatley of The Allrounder knew the only way to shake off the boozy weekend was to embrace his inner Caveman. "Cavemen did a lot of burpees" he says.

Another day, another new Gymbox class to try out. The only difference is that today is a Tuesday after a four day bank holiday. A four day bank holiday where I got a bit more drunk than I should have done, knowing that I'd have to do exercise the day afterwards. Still it was a bank holiday. It's not really my fault.

So confession aside, what exactly is Caveman? Well, as you'd probably guess, it's a workout designed to utilise body weight, because as we're all aware, cavemen didn't have the luxury of a gym to train in. Hell, they didn't even have free weights. In fact, apart from rocks, wood and a few animal carcasses they didn't have a lot. The result was that they had to train with limited means; mainly functional body weight movements like lunges and burpees. Cavemen did a lot of burpees.

After a five minute "warm-up" (jumping lunges and press-up walkouts?! I was already sweating) we split into groups performing a series of exercises in rotation, each lasting 90 seconds. These covered planks, leg raises gripping a suspended towel, wheelbarrow squats holding someone else's legs and tricep dips. These alone were tough however when we introduced the sled push I was starting to really regret my decision to have that extra drink the night before.

The class ended with a group finisher which comprised of a ten wall walk handstands, lunges and a burpee. I felt pretty amazing all things considered and my hangover was a distant memory.

Caveman is a taxing and challenging 45 minutes. It's a new class so you don't know what's coming next, and some of the exercises I'd never tried before, which generally makes them seem a lot harder. It's a HIIT class similar to Frame Fitness and Spartan, so well worth a look if that's your bag.

Earn it and burn it: 500-700 calories

Go on, embrace your inner Caveman!