Earn It: Meet instructor Tsuki Harris

Earn It: Meet instructor Tsuki Harris

Tsuki Harris is one of Gymbox's most prized instructors, who teaches 25 classes a week. No wonder her nickname is the Duracell Bunny. "I love knowing that I push myself to being the best human I can possibly be, every single day!"

Hi Tsuki, your nickname is the Duracell Bunny, why so?

I guess It's just the way I am and the positive attitude that I have towards everything I do. I give my 100% energy to everything and I actually don't stop! I really love the fitness industry especially the fact that it's my passion and hobby that has become my career.

Can you remember your first day at Gymbox?

My first day at Gymbox was when I was covering a spin class. I rocked up early as always to have a chat with the members and get my music on to set the vibe and then did my thing. I came upstairs after the class to hear some lovely members calling me crazy, fun and full of energy and that I should be hired. I remember thinking (double arm reach) YES, this gym is sick – it plays my sort of music, has lots of cool equipment, and has a great vibe.

What classes do you teach?

I teach 25 classes a week! A lot of Les Mills classes like Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Balance and Grit; as well as freestyle classes like KettleBells, Bikes & Beats, HIIT training, Circuit and Supple Strength.

Do you have a favourite?

I love teaching Bike & Beats with my Gymbox crew because the members work so hard! We swag it out and sweat it out with high resistance climbs and sprints to drum 'n' bass, dubstep and hip hop. I want them to leave the room feeling epic, like a superhero!

Teaching 25 classes a week is a lot, how do you manage to fit it all in?

An average day for me is a 4.45 am alarm. OK, so basically I don't need to leave until 6am, but this is a back-up just in case I set a 5am alarm that doesn't go off. I also like to be up early to have a cuppa and breakfast. I normally teach a 7am class so either hang around the city to catch up with fellow instructors or go home. I teach at lunchtime and in the evening, and normally use the afternoon to train myself. I then I go home and either learn, create class plans or watch superhero, medical or random TV shows whilst I eat.

You burn a lot of energy, what are your staple foods you have 'in your bag' at all times?

I'm actually a vegan. I eat a stupid amount of fresh green vegetables. Calories and numbers don't really mean anything to me, I try to eat around 2000kcal or more a day when I'm not competing, but my focus is always on the quality and content of the food I eat. How can it benefit me?! Your body is your machine, and food is the fuel you need for it to run efficiently. I always carry my tupperware meals, a large bottle of water, and then snacks like almonds and creative nature superfood bars (I'm an ambassador).

What do you love most about working at Gymbox?

I love the cool nightclub vibe and the fact that I can jam with the DJ on the gym floor after class. It's definitely somewhere you want to workout. I also love the work ethic of our members – these guys love to be challenged, and that's why they change and get the results they want.

You are the fourth best female bodybuilder in the UK – what inspired you to enter this field?

It's taken three years to get there, after winning the Southern qualifier and then going to the British finals. I'm still learning! I saw a friend compete a few years ago and thought I had the lean muscly shape that some of the women had on stage. I had only been teaching classes at that point and it totally inspired me to get into the gym and hit the low reps and heavy weights. I loved how the women had such confidence and strength in their stature on stage.

What is it about being strong and in this particular physical shape that motivates you?

I'd love to say that I care about how I look, but the truth is for me it's about being fit for life. The way I look is a result of the way I like to train, however that isn't my initial intention. I love the feeling of being ready for anything. So if the tube fails me, I can run to work, fast. If I want to go and do a race or a fitness event, I have a base level of fitness that I maintain which enables me to throw myself in with minimal preparation. I also come in very handy when people need a hand moving heavy objects! I love knowing that I push myself to being the best human I can possibly be, every single day!

Do you ever struggle with the pressure during training for competitions?

Never! It's a choice and I do it because I love it. As long as you have done yourself proud that is all that matters! I never stop training or eating healthy, even in my 'off season'. The benefits of training and eating well aren't just aesthetic for me. It's not just a competition it's life and that comes first! Small adjustments get me to where I need to be to step on stage.

What do you like doing on a day off?

I really do live the Duracell bunny life. If I'm not teaching I'm still super active, and like to walk my dog or go to a fitness event. I love Hobnobs dunked in tea, copious amounts of almond butter, and the odd portion of sweet potato fries.

What advice would you give to women who are nervous about weight training, but would like to try?

Be brave and go for it! Ignore what the press promote as beautiful, and acceptable and do something for you. Lifting weights doesn't just increase your strength and muscle definition on the outside it also increases your confidence which can translate to other areas of your life. Walking into a gym knowing you can't do something and then leaving the gym knowing that you've done it is an amazing feeling. Never be afraid to ask for help. Remember, you can always go to a strength-based class until you feel comfortable hitting the free weights room, and even take a friend with you for moral support.

And finally, what are your top five tips to lose body fat for the beach this summer?

1. ATTITUDE – It all starts in you mind! From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep! Be kind to yourself and keep your inner voice positive. For instance, rather than saying 'my legs are too big' try saying 'I have strong legs that keep me grounded'.

2. WATER – Where do I start?! This little beauty is free! Drinking it will help reduce toxic waste in the body and help you on your road to a lean mean summer body. It also repairs cells, helps joint mobility and improves mental and muscular function. Staying hydrated is key to having a productive workout.

3. EAT CLEAN – What you eat has a direct affect on how you look on the outside and feel on the inside. Tightening up your diet with lots of fresh and heathy foods will tighten up your body.

4. HIIT – High intensity interval training is an efficient way to train as you don't need much time to do it. It helps increase your metabolism which leads to greater fat burning potential and optimises your cardiovascular and functional fitness.

5. LIFT – Weight training is the most effective way to burn fat

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