Earn It: New classes for Spring!

Earn It: New classes for Spring!

It's April! And that means 'Earn It'. The sun is out, and we have a bunch of innovative new classes to throw your way, to get you into the best shape of your life this summer. Burn those calories with these sizzling new additions to the Gymbox class timetable.

No Sweat

A full body conditioning workout using your own body weight and a towel. Using tension and resistance for the upper body and functional moves including the side slide squat, towel abdominal slide and mountain climbers to work the lower body and core, mopping up every drop of sweat!

Bank, Monday 1:15pm / Covent Garden, Wednesday 1pm / Old Street, Thursday 1pm


Explore pole dance technique and choreography while focusing on movement, musicality and emotion. Working on choreography on and off the pole learn to move in new ways creating shapes and movements to complement your pole tricks.

Bank, Monday 8pm / Holborn, Wednesday 7:45pm / Westfield London, Thursday 8pm / Old Street, Thursday 8pm / Westfield Stratford, Monday 8pm

NW Method

A workout designed by world-renowned fitness expert, Nicole Winhoffer, who is best known for her creative workout philosophy that has played a leading role in shaping some of the best bodies in the entertainment industry including Madonna, Mya, Rachel Weisz and Stella McCartney. The NW Method works all major muscle groups using music to enhance the body's psychological connection to each movement. The purpose is to have the most time effective challenging workout that's fun, shocks the body, and opens the mind to connect with your personal power. It's more than a class, it's an experience, and it's waiting for you.

Bank, Tuesday 5:30pm / Covent Garden, Thursday 7pm / Farringdon, Monday 12:15pm / Holborn, Monday 6pm / Westfield London, Wednesday 1:15pm / Westfield Stratford, Saturday 11:15am


Ditch your prehistoric training program and try this full body workout. A back to basics approach to exercise designed around functional human body movement and animalistic techniques to include explosive, plyometric, agility and speed training.

Bank, Wednesday 12:30pm / Farringdon, Thursday 6:30pm / Holborn,Tuesday 12:15pm / Old Street, Wednesday 12pm / Westfield London, Tuesday 7:15pm / Westfield Stratford, Tuesday 7:15pm

Drop The Pom

Forget cheesy cheer routines and drop those poms for a non stop choreographed endurance workout designed by urban cheer group Drop The Pom.

Farringdon, Friday 6:30pm / Holborn, Wednesday 6pm


Being pushed to your breaking point or beyond is a humbling experience, get ready to feel naked and exposed physically, emotionally, and now socially where you will be encouraged to post your "broken selfie" on social media and be a part of Reeboks Be more Human campaign.

Bank, Bike & Beats, Wednesday 5:30pm / Covent Garden, UFC FIT, Monday 7pm / Farringdon, Frame Fitness, Monday 6:15pm / Holborn, Thigh High, Tuesday 6:45pm / Old Street, Rave, Tuesday 6:15pm / Westfield London, Frame Fitness, Monday 6:30pm / Westfield Stratford, Fightklub, Wednesday 6:45pm/ Westfield Stratford, Fight Conditioning, Thursday 7:15pm

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