Errol Christie continues his fight against cancer

Errol Christie continues his fight against cancer

Gymbox boxing coach Errol Christie may have lung cancer, but he is still showing his fighting spirit. The money that you have been donating is already improving the quality of his life. Let's work together to reach our fundraising target.

Although he's been told to rest more, Errol enjoys getting out and about and enjoying the simple things life has to offer. Last weekend Errol and some friends went to the Grove in Watford for the day, and he was on great form. On the road trip he had James Brown blaring out on the car stereo – his energy and spirit remain remarkable. He played with his friend Natalie's daughter Dusty in the sunshine on the grounds of the Grove, and they made several wishes in the pond.

Errol's appetite is good as he prepares for his toughest week to date. His chemotherapy started on Tuesday and the rest of the week he's at St Thomas's hospital for radio therapy for his brain lesions. The Macmillian team have warned us that this is going to be exhausting for Errol, but his nurse has said that she's never met someone so "well" at this stage of their treatment. She said Errol is truly unbelievable. He remains active and walks to get his paper every morning, and he's still doing his press-ups and sit-ups! He really is remarkable!

Whilst receiving treatment, Errol has been asked not to work. As a freelance personal trainer this means he no longer has a source of income. We invite you to support Errol Christie fund by donating to his funds right here. Not only will this help support his daily living costs throughout his treatment, but will help send Errol his first ever holiday.

We need you to support him in one of the biggest fights of his life.