Feature – ​How to Create a Weekly Gym Workout Plan

Feature – ​How to Create a Weekly Gym Workout Plan

Need some help creating a weekly workout plan that's right for you? Then let Katherine Oakes of Modernize give you some useful tips.

When it comes to the choice between fighting to make time for exercise or taking the easy way out and relaxing instead, it’s the latter that usually wins. Despite those motivated New Year’s resolutions to get in shape, it’s all too easy to let your workouts become gradually less intense – and shorter – or just to let your gym membership become stale and dusty altogether.

No matter how much you love the space you sweat in (a great gym goes a long way), it’s unfortunately very common to lose enthusiasm instead of losing weight or simply staying healthy and fit. What works best to combat this fatigue and ramp up the enthusiasm? Habits, routines, and well-thought out plans that make you feel good and not overwhelmed.

At Modernize, as much as we love a good home workout (re: a few squats up and off the couch and back down again), admittedly there’s nothing quite like the feeling of actually making it to a gym and staying there. So we dug up some of the best tips we could find on how to create an effective and motivating weekly gym workout plan week after week.

Break it Up

It’s challenging to cram everything into just one workout session, let alone do it repeatedly throughout the week. Luckily for you, there’s some scientific studies to back that up. The Mayo Clinic suggests a combination of two different types of exercise to keep you healthy and fit. For the average adult, about 75 minutes worth of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity per week will suffice, coupled with at least two sessions of strength training.

Determine the amount of time you have per day throughout the week to set aside and break it up into manageable chunks. For instance, a few 20-minute sessions of running, biking, dancing, or even swimming three or four times per week will easily knock that off the list and leave you feeling great.

For a great 30-minute workout plan, include about 10 minutes worth of strength training along with your aerobic exercise to really challenge your muscles and build stamina. Whether these exercises use gear or pure body weight and resistance, you will feel the difference... and hopefully, the burn.

Make it Interesting

The best way to keep yourself interested is by including a variety of exercises that are fun to do. After all, variety is the spice of life and the secret to consistency in your workout routine. With the Mayo Clinic’s advice in mind, think outside of the box and avoid sticking to the same routines over and over again—it is the best way to burn out and lose interest – and add some unexpected workouts you either love or hate to do so that you don’t get bored and plateau.

Keep Track

Since we are always harder on ourselves than anyone else, it’s important to use a workout log as your best friend and motivator. Keep track of the type of workouts you do, what gear you use (weights, medicine balls, machines, etc.) and the repetitions of each. It’s helpful to come back to when you need inspiration or might have forgotten that killer workout you saw online or in the gym and tried out a few weeks back. So rather than lose the idea, jot it down and see if it sparks any creativity of your own! It’s also a great way to track progress and see how far you have come.

Katherine Oakes is a writer, yoga instructor, and vocalist living in Northern New Jersey who loves writing professionally for Modernize.com