Five foods that help reduce the stress of living in London

Five foods that help reduce the stress of living in London

Is London life getting to you? At home and at work? Well, you’re not the only ones. According to a mental health report by Mental Healthy, 39% of Londoners turn to booze to help their ease stress, depression and anxiety. However, we believe this is not the answer. Exercise and good nutrition can work wonders. Here are five foods that can help you through those tough patches.

Red bell peppers

Sounds simple, but these bad boys work wonders. When we feel stress, our body releases cortisol. Vitamin C can really help with combating the secretion of these stress hormones. Those daily vitamin C pills alone just won't cut it. Bell peppers have three times the amount of vitamin C you get in an orange. In fact, the red bell pepper has more vitamin C content than in any other one food.

Yogurt with nuts

This is a killer combo to help you fight off the blues. Studies have shown that the combination of lysine (which is an amino acid found in yogurt) and arginine (which is found in nuts) will really work wonders in reducing the stress hormones in the brain.

Herbal teas

Reduce your espressos! Try peppermint and vanilla tea, instead. It has been proven that these herbal scents that waft from these delicious natural teas help you to feel less anxious, less stressed, more alert. What better way to stay focussed on your daily work and your daily training?


Yes, that's right. Popcorn. Having a good crunch will help relieve that muscle tension in your face and jaw, and the carbohydrates will release serotonin, which will make you relax. So go to see a movie, chill out, and tuck in! But if you're watching your carbs, raw carrots will also work wonders.

Dark chocolate

And finally, our favourite one. Dark chocolate is rich in flavanols which alongside the cocoa helping increase nitric oxide in the body, helps lowers blood pressure. Head for the highest cocoa percentage you can find, but don't devour the whole bars, go for small chunks every day.