Fresh: Gymbods Clare and Emma from Gymbox Westfield

 Fresh: Gymbods Clare and Emma from Gymbox Westfield

This week we meet double trouble that are workout buddies Clare Maxwell and Emma Thornton from Gymbox Westfield. 'Our favourite things are dancing, coffee and netball" they say. We meet them.

Hi ladies, tell us about what you are doing in the photos

Clare: We've both become regular attendees of the Bartendaz Classes. Somehow Arleigh suckered us into the training sessions he does on Friday nights. They're brutal. No week is ever the same. These pics were taken at one of these sessions.

Does it help to train with a friend? How so?

Clare: Definitely! It gets you to step foot in the gym if there's someone waiting for you.

Emma: Having someone to encourage you gives you the extra push you need to keep going!

Do you get competitive with each other?

Clare: Maybe a little... but mainly we just spur each other on.

Emma: I think it's more of a shared belief that when we go to a class - we go to push ourselves and get the most out of it.

You’re both young - what type of woman do you hope is the future you?

Clare: I would hope my fitness levels are still decent when I'm older. I think it's important to look after yourself and keep active.

Emma: I want to be healthy and have an active lifestyle. The saying 'age is just a number' definitely applies!

What are the most extreme things you’ve done fitness-wise?

Clare: I did the London Marathon a few years ago. That was pretty brutal. It was an amazing - but painful - experience.

Emma: I did a 75 mile bike ride event in Yorkshire last year. I'd never done a cycling event before, so it was good to do something different. Although Yorkshire does have a few nasty hills!

And what would you like to do, but haven’t had the balls yet?

Clare: I’ve thought about Tough Mudder, but not got any further than the thinking about it!

Emma: A triathlon. Or Tough Mudder.

How often do you train with us at Gymbox? And are you always together?

Clare & Emma: 5/6 times a week. We do a lot of classes together, it's nice seeing a friendly face at 6.30am!

Exercise - love it or hate it?

Clare: Love it. Sometimes I would much rather be in bed, but I never regret a training session. I always come out feeling better, even if sometimes the stairs after a heavy leg session are an issue...

Emma: Love it. Sometimes at the end of a long day at work you feel you have no energy and would rather go home and relax/sleep. But, when you get there and do the class, it's completely worth it.

Are there times when motivation dwindles? If so, how do you handle it?

Clare: Definitely. My job can be really hectic and involves a lot of late nights, travelling, and odd hours. So it’s tough finding the motivation to get out of bed at 6am, especially in winter. I generally just force myself knowing I’ll feel better once I’ve trained, and most of the time that works.

Emma: Yes, feeling tired and wanting a bit of extra sleep instead of doing a morning class is tough, but when I know it will be a good workout and I know I'll feel better for going, that always seems to help get me out of bed.

Party season will soon be upon us - does a work out cure a hangover?

Clare: There’s a fine line as to whether a workout helps a hangover or not! 

Emma: I'm not sure it's a cure, but I think sweating out the alcohol psychologically makes you feel a bit better!