Get tanked up at ​Floatworks (and get 20% off!)

Get tanked up at ​Floatworks (and get 20% off!)

Sophie Kay was curious to check out Floatworks in Vauxhall. And she liked it so much she managed to persuade them to offer Gymbox members 20% off all packages. "I felt calm, energised and as if I’d had the best power nap, ever" she says.

When the opportunity came up to review Floatworks, a brand new ‘float’ centre in Vauxhall, I have to admit I was slightly skeptical. Thoughts of grubby tanks, moist floors and hippy vibes came to mind but in the spirit of open-mindedness I went down on a cold Wednesday lunchtime for an introductory float.

The basic premise is that you have an hour to float inside a sensory-deprivation tank filled with half a ton of Epsom salts that make a solution so strong it’s like lying in the dead sea. It supports your weight effortlessly, and is meant to give you the time out that as Londoners we all crave, but never make time for.

Upon entering Floatworks the first thing I was hit by was the smell of herbs, followed by the warmth and calm atmosphere. I was taken back to my pod by a very friendly woman who explained everything clearly as we went. Each pod room is spacious, spotlessly clean and warm, with a large shower, insanely-delicious smelling toiletries – and the floatation pod itself. The lighting is soft, and there’s some chilled out music playing to put you in the mood.

After daubing any cuts or broken skin with Vaseline, I showered and moulded the ear plugs into my ears, stepped into the tank, and pulled the lid down after me. The music continues to play for around five minutes. Once this ends they suggest you turn off the lights inside the pod to shut off all of your senses.

So, I thought, here we go. I took the recommendation and tried to control my thoughts by counting my breaths, but my thoughts kept breaking through. This is no surprise seeing as I’m getting married in nine days. I persevered and found myself with my arms and legs outstretched gently bouncing around the pod touching each wall in order to keep my brain quiet.

Then, all of a sudden, nothing. I don’t know if I fell asleep or went into a meditative trance but when the music came back on to signal that there was five minutes left of the session, I came to with a bit of a jolt. After stepping out of the pod, showering and relaxing in the chill out room with complementary herbal tea, I realised that I hadn’t stopped smiling since I stopped floating.

I felt calm, energised and as if I’d had the best power nap, ever. Travelling home on the tube in rush hour was nearly pleasant because I was so chilled out, and the benefits lasted with me having a brilliant night’s sleep and waking up refreshed.

There are great benefits for athletes and gym-goers in terms of muscle repair and recovery, which is excellent for all of you Gymboxers. The calm and relaxation has also been shown to reduce cortisol levels in the body, which have a direct effect on weight loss, increased sleep quality and reduced anxiety. Lastly floating reduces activity in the amygdala, the part of your brain which deals with the fight or flight response resulting in total relaxation. What more could you want?

Members of Gymbox can get 20% off all packages with the code GYMBOXFLOAT. Don’t forget to tell us what you think! Book right here.