Give us a squeeze!

Give us a squeeze!

Here at Gymbox we like all things fresh and a bit fruity, so how could we not fall for organic chic juice company, Greenhouse Juicery. Focussing on encouraging juicing as part of a healthy lifestyle - with their mouth-watering cold pressed vegetable juices - the juice brand ensure there are no hidden sugars, simply clean, delicious nutrition. Read about them right here, and enter a competition to win a weeks supply. All you have to do is answer this: 'How many portions of fruit and vegetables are squeezed into one of our 500ml bottles?' Email the answer to Lauren

Hello there Greenhouse Juicery, who are you?

We are a cold pressed organic juice brand based in London. After seeing so many leading brands advertising their pasteurised juices as healthy we set out on a mission to launch cold pressed vegetable juices, using only 100% organic produce. Instead of bulking up our juice with fruits that have a high sugar content we pack it full of leafy greens.

Who started it?

We are four friends that have always been passionate about our own health and fitness. We've always found that the more vegetables we included into our diet, the more energy we had - and the better we felt. When we discovered juicing vegetables - and the benefits that result from them - we've never looked back!

What are your backgrounds?

Our backgrounds include the sports, health, fitness, business and fashion industries. Our backgrounds have complemented each other and helped us go forward with our brand. A primary part of all of our lives is health and fitness.

Why did you start it?

We were always keen on keeping our diets as alkaline as possible, and so we got into juicing for ourselves. After a few months of experimenting with recipes, methods, and machines, we quickly realised that the juice we had created was more nutritious than any other juice we could find out there.

There are a lot of juicing companies out there, what makes you different?

Most juice companies concentrate on the taste of their juices using fruit to make it more palatable. Our focus is to make a difference to people's lives - not short term, but forever. We set out to make a juice with a minimal amount of sugar, and to concentrate on the health aspect. The great thing is it tastes amazing as well.

What’s the difference between the way people integrate juices into their regime and the juice fasting trend?

We don't believe in the detox and cleanse trend. After doing research, and trying numerous juice cleanses for ourselves, we've found that although they do have some benefits the results are short lived. Most cleanses feature only one or two green vegetable juices, and are supplemented by a high sugar fruit based juice plus a nut milk for protein. You may see immediate effects to your weight but this is predominately water - as soon as you start to eat normally your weight goes back to normal, plus a little extra. We encourage having a juice a day to improve your health on a daily basis. By supplementing your diet with a huge boost of raw, organic vegetables we've found that we get all the good bits of a cleanse, but without all the negatives.

You are currently selling your juices at Gymbox Old Street, in what ways can they compliment our members’ training?

Mark, one of our co founders, has been a personal trainer for the last 14 years. Many of his clients have been ordering from us since day one. Each and every one of them are still customers today. Gym-goers are always conscious of their appearance and health, no matter what diet they are on. The low sugar and high vegetable content complements all diets, whether they're focused on weight loss, fitness or body building.

How does Greenhouse Juicery fit with Gymbox as a brand?

Like Gymbox we're a young, fit and vibrant company. Our product uses cutting edge technology and finest ingredients which results in a drink that's hugely beneficial to the health of all, at the same time it tastes great!

Greenhouse Juicery is still quite new, what are your hopes for the future?

We're all dedicated to keeping our health a priority in our lives. We're addicted to drinking green juice every day, and we hope we can get everyone as addicted as we are! 

Go on, give us a squeeze! Greenhouse Juicery are now supplying juices at Gymbox Old Street.