Gymbod: Meet Layton Taylor!

Gymbod: Meet Layton Taylor!

Layton Taylor, 25, member of Gymbox Covent Garden, is a product photographer/marketing assistant and ex-Welsh sprint champion. "I love the fun atmosphere at Gymbox, lots of mirrors to take selfies in!".

Hi Layton, tell us the most interesting thing about you?

Well, apart from being a secret superhero (the secrets out), when I was 17 I was obsessed with sports and running. I went on to be the Welsh 100m sprint champ (PB 10.9 seconds), but had to pull out of the British 4x100 relay championships due to injury.

What are you doing in the pictures?

I'm pretending like I know what I'm doing. In all seriousness, I love these two exercises as they give your chest that great PUMP! The weighted parallel pushups give you a wider range of motion through the arms, and engage the chest more. And with the weight plate on your back your core is working harder (hello abs!). With the ring dips it's great for building shoulders and triceps, but it's also great for the lower chest when you lean forward. It also helps engage core stability oppose to bar dips.

You were a sprint champion but had to quit due to injury, what happened?

After competing at the Welsh Championships, I continued training as usual (but probably over did it) and injured my knees. The tendonitis caused pain and swelling and ultimately slowed my times. Time has been the biggest healer though, but since then my knees have always been my weakness.

How have you been able to stay fit since? What is your training schedule?

Typically, exercise went out the window when I moved to London for university. Until about two years ago, when my mate lured me into the addiction that is Gymbox, I started off doing a few WOD and Frame classes, but decided to start weight training mid 2014. I try and get to the gym five days a week, and I'm happy with my progress so far!.

What makes you stay motivated, even when injuries get in your way?

When I train alone, I get lazy. Working out with a gym buddy gives you that encouragement you need to push through the pain, or help out when needed! Everyone needs a Gymbox buddy!

Can you describe the Gymbox brand in three words?


What do you love most about training with us?

It's got to be the fun atmosphere, all the mirrors to take selfies in!

Is there any form of training we offer that you haven't yet dared to try?

Once I pluck up the courage I'd love to try Fight Club or Muay Thai. It's good to let that aggression out sometimes, right? Although, I think I'd rock the Tone and Twerk class...

Photos: Vesna Nikolic