Gymbod Originals: Meet Danny Pace!

Gymbod Originals: Meet Danny Pace!

Danny Pace, 26, is Essex born and bred. As a member of Gymbox Holborn, he shares with us what his tattoos mean and the importance of setting fitness goals.

Hi Danny! We love your tattoos, tell us about them

The tattoos are something built up over time. The Arabic on my arm means ’fear is temporary’ - the idea behind this is its motivational. If you’re afraid of something - say a bungee jump or you’re afraid of heights - that fear you feel would only be temporary. After you’ve completed the jump, that fear will be replaced with pride and achievement. If I ever worry about something before doing it, I think about this to suck it up and get on with it. The rest are Japanese. I have a half sleeve being completed, a Japanese Hannya mask over my chest and a half dead Geisha girl across and down my ribs on my left side. It’s taken a lot of time (and pain) to get them where they are, but I still need around 20 hours more work for my ribs and my sleeve to be complete.

It’s our ‘originals’ month - what makes you original?

Everything about me makes me an individual. I believe that people are formed from the same ’molds’ (this is why people look like other people) but it is their life choices and preferences that make them an individual.

Agreed! How does the concept of originality impact in your life?

I like things that are not the popular option. I try not to follow the crowd. I like what’s different - it’s hard to define different, but you know when you have found it.

You collect sneakers - tell us about that

I have around 20 pairs that I care about. My most expensive pair is a pair of Nike Air Max’s. They set me back £180. My favourite pair is a limited edition of New balance 577’s, £125. They are green and orange suede, sounds ugly but I love them. My most obscure pair would be my Limited edition Asics Gel Noosa’s, multi-coloured gym shoes to the extreme. Every colour on them imaginable with rainbow laces. It works, trust me!

What does fitness bring to your life?

Fitness is a very love/hate relationship, I completely love it, but half way through a heavy leg session and I tend to feel slightly different towards it, my motivations help keep me going, visions of what I want to look like and achieve keep it up. I love the feeling after you finish a work out, that sense of achievement, pride or overwhelming power after smashing personal bests on big lifts. I think fitness, especially at this level, helps to teach so much to an individual, discipline, respect, honour, gratitude, pride.

What is your training schedule?

I train six days a week - back, chest, shoulders, arms, legs - the sixth day is a 10/15 mile timed road bike ride around my local area. I’ll also select two days in the week to do some evening cardio (30/45mins on home spin bike).

Any specific goals?

I think if someone is training without a goal it’s a waste of time, everyone has a secret goal. For me I would love to become a ’sponsored athlete’. For me to achieve this, I will be competing to make myself known to the industry. Next year will be the year I try to make myself known.

Good for you! How is training at Holborn helping you to do this?

Training at Holborn is fantastic, the equipment variety is excellent (chains, the prowler, battle ropes, power racks) it’s hard not to be inspired by what’s on offer and by other individuals in the gym.

What is it about Gymbox that you think is original?

I think the members make Gymbox Original. I feel that everyone who attends the gym is serious about changing the way they look and feel. Any other gym I’ve been a member off feels like a social club for so many people, which is off putting for someone who just wants to get on with their workout, and not have to spend half of it chatting to people they don’t want to.

What do you think about when you’re working out?

Good music is a massive help, there’s nothing worse than un-motivating music, other than music I always remind myself as to why I am here in the first place. It’s not worth it if I’m not going to give it everything I have. I’d only be cheating myself. I think about I want to look like, what I want to improve, what would happen if I don’t complete this last rep, last set, last exercise.

Does looking good when you train impact on your performance?

It’s definitely a motivator, when you catch yourself in the mirror with a pump (and you can say I’m vain all you want but everyone does it). It’s the whole reason why we started going to the gym in the first place! In terms of fashion I’m not a huge ’fashionista’ but I like to have specific gym clothes and ones that are nice. It does make you feel good about yourself. Everyone should feel good in themselves.

What keeps you focussed on ‘off’ days when you really can’t be arsed?

For me fitness doesn’t stop when I leave the gym. My diet and dedication to it is 24/7. There are ’cheat days’ and days when I really cannot be bothered to keep it up, but it’s the end goal that keeps me going. I think about what would happen if I stopped, or didn’t give it my all. How would I feel at the end? Knowing that I missed an opportunity because two weeks ago I couldn’t be bothered to go to the gym, or to stick to my regular food? This is what keeps me on track. I watch motivational videos of some of my inspirations and wonder what they would do in the same situation. I look at pictures of inspirations, speak to my friends who also train, and work hard about motivations and keep each other going. If you want it bad enough, you wont quit.

Ever seen any funny things happen in the gym, or overheard any conversations?

I’ve seen a fair amount of ’obscure’ things happen in the gym, such as guys blowing kisses to themselves in mirrors, and people using gardening gloves to train with.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Cake! I love cakes, my mum makes cakes as well so whenever I see her, it’s impossible to resist Any variety, any flavour - I’ll eat it, and love it!