Gymbod Originals - Meet Natalia Dyduch

Gymbod Originals - Meet Natalia Dyduch

Natalia, 25, is a personal assistant and member of Gymbox Covent Garden, who moved to London a year ago. "Don’t talk to me until I’ve eaten!" she says. We meet her.

Hi Natalia! Tell us about your job as a personal assistant - do you need to be fit for it?

Being a PA is like a one big marathon. You have to be ready to run miles. Great cardio.

How does fitness impact on your life?

Fitness is my life. It comes before work and my personal life. I’ve got goals and I will do everything to reach them. As the saying goes: “Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.”

You moved here from Ireland, via Poland, a year ago, how come?

I moved over here because of my sister and my little niece who I missed too much. We just wanted to be closer to each other. I’m a big city girl at heart, and always wanted live in London - it was my dream! And here I am - I’m absolutely loving it.

What do you miss most about Poland and love most about London?

I miss my family in Poland, it’s really hard to be away from home. I’ve been away from home seven years, and I still get homesick. But, at the same time, I can’t imagine myself going back to Poland as I’ve got used to life here. What I miss the most apart from my family is Polish food. When I go to visit my family I eat so much that my body fat percentage jumps sky high!

In what ways does Gymbox as a fitness brand inspire you with your training?

Gymbox is full of amazing, beautiful people. It makes me want to work harder each day I’m there. I’m a little bit shy, but when I started working out at Gymbox the staff and VPTs were all there for me, everyone offers you help without even asking for it - that’s what makes Gymbox unique. I love it. Gymbox is my second home.

So happy to hear that. Has it changed you as a person?

Definitely! I am happier. Finally I feel good about myself, and I definitely feel more confident. I would like to say thank you to my VPT and friend from Covent Garden Carmen O’Neil for making me that happier person. She is a truly an inspiration.

Tell us about your ‘hungry face’

My hungry face says one important thing "don’t talk to me until I have eaten" haha. I get very grumpy when I’m hungry, I get very quiet and don’t listen what people say to me. It might sounds crazy but it’s true. My friends and family know me, so when they see that face they go to the kitchen and make me food. They know how much I love my food.

What do you think about when you’re working out?

I think about my goals and how I’m going to look when I finally reach them. I’m gonna compete WBFF and Fitfactor next year, so that’s what keeps me going.

Exciting. How important is looking good when you train?

I don’t know if it’s important, but I like to look good when I work out - but after my training I don’t look anything like before my training! But yes, I do work out with make up on and I fix my hair in-between sets.

Do you have a fave workout outfit?

Believe it or not i have more gym clothes in my wardrobe than every day clothes. I used to have wardrobe full of party dresses but now it’s full of dry-fit tops, leggings and shorts. I don’t really have favourite outfit, but I love my shorts with "it’s sugar" written on the bum. I wear them every time I do glutes!

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done straight after a work-out?

Do I really need to answer this question? Ha-ha. Next question please!

Ever seen any funny things happen at Gymbox?

Oh yes! I once saw a girl walking on a treadmill while talking on Skype. Some people really don’t know what a gym is for!

What are your guilty pleasures?

Peanut butter. I’m on a diet right now and trying to get lean but when I see any type of peanut in the shop I can’t help myself - I can eat the whole jar straight away!

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