Gymbod: Swagger - Meet Daniel Fox

Gymbod: Swagger -  Meet Daniel Fox

Daniel Fox, 27, works in the property industry but also has an MSc in sports science. Full of swagger, we couldn't help but meet him. Photos: Vesna Nikolic.

December is my favourite month of the year. I love it! From the Christmas jumpers to pulling crackers. It's been great so far and i can't wait for the rest of it. After all, It's the season to jolly, right? With all that I have planned in December I'll be getting very jolly indeed."

It's important to me to have a balanced lifestyle. I'll hit the gym and the mince pies, hard. It's important to find a balance - you're only young once. I work long hours so i make sure that i make every second count in my free time.

Music helps me work out, but I listen to one song and one song only - Lady Humps by the Black Eyed Peas. It gets me going. Only joking! I actually listen to heavy metal - the louder the screaming the better!

Have I got swagger? I've got more swagger then you can shake Santa's left boot at. Show me someone else that could pull off a leather waistcoat at a Christmas party. Anyone?

I love the new Old Street club. The best thing about it for me is the 60kg dumbbells. I need something to do my bicep curls with.

I've worked in the sports industry as a sports scientist, PT and coach. I love it but it's tough to earn good money. In my job now I earn good money, so not to worry ladies!

Girls never come up to me in the gym. But I have noticed that female memberships go up 50% after I joined Old Street.

I think personality is definitely important in a potential partner. It's like the fifth most important thing I look for in a girl."

I have one goal for 2015, and that's to start my own company. It's something I've been meaning to do for the last couple of years, but 2015 is the year. If I told you what the idea was i would have to kill you.