Gymbod Win! Meet Moses Rashid

Gymbod Win! Meet Moses Rashid

Seeing as this month is WIN month, we meet some of the our most inspirational members, and Moses Rashid is one of them. He recently came first place at London's 3 Peaks Challenge, and raised a whopping £1,200 for cancer research. We salute him! 

Hi Moses, congratulations! Tell us about the event 

It was in aid of cancer research. 400 people including myself had to sprint up the Heron Tower, The Gherkin and 200 Aldersgate, then do a 5k run in-between the building, and a 65-70ft abseil off the last building. 

Sounds intense! What was the most enjoyable aspect of the event?

I loved the abseil! It was such an interesting way to see the city. I'd love to do that again. 

You came first place - how did that feel?

I have to admit, I was pretty shocked to realise I'd actually won it! And I beat the person in second place by a full six minutes. I was a happy man, that's for sure!

Fantastic! What did you do to celebrate?

I went straight for the Devastator burger from the Red Dog Saloon, and a load of cheesecake. Reckoned I deserved it! 

What was special about this event for you? 

Firstly, it was in memory of someone who lost their life to cancer, so of course it was important to me. Secondly, I tore the MCL in my knee meaning it was a mental and physical challenge to get myself from not being to even run across the road to manage to complete the event. Essentially I signed up to do the event one day after tearing my ligament to give me focus. 

You trained for eight weeks prior, what did your training involve?

I split it to two four week training programmes. Four weeks of strength building my legs, including squat presses, rowing, weighted calf raises with metal chains, weighted stair climbs with metal chains, through to one legged burpees, kettlebells and lunges.Then four weeks of sprinting up stairs, rowing, sprinting on the step climb machine, more squats (leg press and goblet squats), distance running on the treadmill, distance running outdoors, through to actually trailing the event in my own way within the parameters of the gym.

You train eight times a week with us at Gymbox - is that possible?

Ha-ha yes. Monday to Saturdays and twice on a Tuesday and Thursday. I do power lifting, high reps, cardio, abs, upper body, lower body, body weight, calisthenics, classes, supersets… basically I train every part of my body as intensely as possible. Rest periods are very low - 10-20seconds max.

What is it about Gymbox that makes you spend so much time with us?

I like being around like-minded individuals who are training for something. And people who are trying to to build for performance, and people who like to train. That’s what I see when I'm at Covent Garden Gymbox.