​Gymbox first with DEXA!

​Gymbox first with DEXA!

Gymbox members can get 20% off DEXA!

If you're on a journey to shift fat and gain muscle it helps to know exactly where you're starting from and if you're really headed in the right direction. As a Gymbox member you now have access to the absolute hands-down, gold standard, best way to measure body composition - DEXA.

DEXA (dual-energy X-ray) is the full-on, medical-grade technology for measuring changes in fat and muscle used in sports science research and by pro teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham, England Rugby and Team GB Olympians.

Forget those silly scales from Argos that make wild guesses at your body fat. DEXA is the real deal and Gymbox is the first gym brand in the UK to offer all its members discounted access to this incredibly accurate and precise method of tracking changes in your fat and muscle. DEXA even gives a very good estimate of the bad visceral fat around your internal organs.

We've teamed up with Bodyscan, the country's biggest and best DEXA bodyscan operator to give you 20% off scans at their London Marylebone centre. We recommend your first scan includes a consultation to explain all the data in your DEXA report. After you've established an accurate baseline you'll be able to see - to the nearest gram - how much fat you're losing and muscle you're gaining.

Bodyscan's customer reviews are 95% five-star and we know from personal experience that you'll be blown away too.

All bookings are made online at bodyscanuk.com. Use promo code 20GYMBOX or click here to get your discount. Scan prices after your Gymbox 20% discount are £127.20 (with consultation) and £111.20 (scan only).


1. The 20% discount offer is available on both scan types (with and without consultation) at the London Marylebone centre only. The offer is valid until 31st December 2015.

2. The discount code is 20GYMBOX (you can change this if you like) or members can use the code from their individual Gymbox PT and still get the 20% discount (and the PT will get 10%).

3. The promo codes apply to single scans only, they cannot be applied to scan packages, which are already discounted.

4. We operate peak-time pricing between 6-8pm where the £159 scan is £179 and the £139 scan is £154. The 20% discount is applied at those times to those higher prices.

5. The URL to automatically apply the discount to the Bodyscan booking form is https://bookeo.com/bodyscan?promotion=20GYMBOX

6. All the other terms and conditions are made available when making the booking. Chiefly, you have to be 18, cannot be pregnant and our cancellation policy is 24 hours, though we will almost always allow the appointment to be rescheduled.