Gymbox Originals: Fightklub

Gymbox Originals: Fightklub

In celebration of Gymbox’s most original, flagship classes, we sent in Sophie Lam, boxing gloves at the ready, to take on Fightklub. "It’s all about having fun and putting 100% into it, so your body is fighting the fat" she says.

It had been a long day at work and I was in need of a high-energy de-stress. A classic on the Gymbox program, Fightklub is a non-stop 45 minute sweatfest, where I could punch and kick the lights out of a punch bag the same size as an actual person.

As soon as the instructor hit play on the dance tracks (sometimes its a classic garage playlist, which makes it even more cool), we were immediately on our toes bouncing around like wannabe Mohammed Alis. From start to finish, it was full on go, go, go! as we punched and kicked the bags as hard as could in time with the tunes.

I felt the days tension ease out of my shoulders as we started right and left jabbing at my man-size punch bag. Then as we got into the full swing of things, we were throwing in right and left hooks, and then the roundhouse kicks to complete the full punch bag attack. We were going to spend every last ounce of our energy giving this bag as much power as we could.

This class is taught by some of Gymbox’s best group instructors, you can expect big friendly personalities who will push you through the class - or call you out if you’re trying to slack off for even a second. Every time I tried to take a sneaky rest, I heard my name being immediately called out so there is no hiding. These instructors will find you and make you work.

Another great thing about Fightklub is that there’s no pressure to be a great boxer, it’s all about having fun and putting 100% into it, so your body is fighting the fat. Newbies can expect to learn some cool boxing techniques and have plenty of fun trying to keep up with the sequences as they get faster, and increase in complexity. For regulars, we can work on getting more power in our punches and kicks - or squatting a little lower. Every class is always different, once you think you have mastered a super fast sequence, you’ll come back next week to find a new challenge.

As usual, I came out of the class in a sweaty but happy mess, my troubles for the day had gone, and I’d probably burned about a gazillion calories. The only downside is that I knew my calves were going to be in agony from all of the jumping and bouncing around, but then again, it was going to be a good pain so I am totally down with that.

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