He Won a Year's Free Gymbox Membership!

He Won a Year's Free Gymbox Membership!

Edward Parker, 23, management trainee at the Soho House Group, is the first winner of our Refer A Friend competition. The prize? A whopping one year's Linked membership with us at Gymbox, which includes free towels, three VPT sessions a free VIP entry to our parties. We meet him.

"I was called up and told I had one the prize about a month ago. I was so shocked! The prize is amazing - the first kind of prize like this I have ever won. I'm incredibly happy.

I love going to Gymbox. I try to train between 3-4 days a week, and keep to three rules: never miss a Monday, work out at least three days a week and never go three days with out exercising.

My workouts mainly involve my own bodyweight with some weight training - press ups, pulls ups... normally finishing with dumbbells. My ambition is to look toned and ripped, but I don't want to get bulky.

It can be tough balancing work with going to the gym, but it's all about time management, then it is possible to fit it all in.

What I love most about Gymbox is the excellent equipment, the atmosphere, the friendly staff and the variety of classes. It can't really get much better.

For me, being and stay fit makes feel me great, helps to release stress and puts me in a positive mood, which really impacts on my professional and personal life."

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