Instructor Spotlight – meet George Duker!

 Instructor Spotlight – meet George Duker!

We have a new Commercial Dance instructor! Meet the fabulous George 'Unkle TC Duker.

Hi George, you're soon to start teaching Commercial Dance, you excited?

I'm excited to start teaching Commercial Dance as I love teaching and sharing music and dance with others. It's the best feeling ever.

What excites you most about working for Gymbox?

Gymbox has a nice urban vibe when you come in, and the people are really friendly. I think my of dance will fit in really well with the atmosphere of the gym, and the people.

For those members a bit nervous/shy about trying a dance class, how would you encourage them?

I'd say what I say to everyone that comes to my classes – that it's more about having fun. Don't focus too much on getting the technique bang on straight away, as that will come later. Just enjoy it!

You've been dancing for ten years, how did you first get into it?

I first starting dancing because I was inspired by a dance film called ' You Got Served', along with stars such as Michael Jackson. In secondary school I joined a break dance club, and I was soon recruited to Boy Blue Entertainment. I've been there ever since.

You're in duo HomeBros and dance troupe Boy Blue – tell us more!

I've known my dance partner Kurtis since nursery school, so we're like brothers. We've been dancing together since break dance club in school. In terms of Boy Blue, I learned all my other styles there, gained friends who became family and was always inspired by the older dancers who were there before me – they were our dance guides.

The of dance you are mostly involved with is 'Afro dance'. Can you describe this for us?

Afrobeat dance is a mixture of dance styles from different countries in Africa. It kind of stemmed from the music 'afrobeat'. Afro beat is a much more sociable of dance, as it focuses heavily on feeling and music.

Which parts of Africa is this dance form inspired by, and do you go there to 'research'?

The first of afro beat dance I got into was called Azonto. It originates from Ghana, which is where I'm from. I've been there when I much younger. I do a lot of research on YouTube, and from other professional dancers I meet and work with.

What does the 'Unkle TC' refer to in your name?

The name 'Unkle TC' has a mixed origin. I called myself 'Unkle' as I have a lot of nieces and nephews, and the 'TC' was a nickname in secondary school. So I just put them together and it stuck.

As a choreographer, what's the biggest challenge that you face when working with people?

It's getting them to open up and be free. People can be very shy, and are sometimes afraid to express themselves.

You're still only 23 and have achieved a lot, what are your future goals?

I really want to take Afro beat dance around the world, teaching and performing. I also want to work with more celebrities and big companies and continue to inspire others to dance and express themselves. And who knows, maybe one day I'll have a studio of my own.

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