Instructor spotlight – meet Leo Forchin

Instructor spotlight – meet Leo Forchin

Leo is a spin instructor who holds no prisoners! Teaching at Covent Garden, Holborn and both Westfield clubs, expect killer tunes and a work out that will push you to your limits.

Hi Leo! What has been the highlight of your week?

Celebrating my birthday (21 again, cough) and by doing what I do best, which is making people sweat!

How do you prep for your classes?

Usually by listening to my favourite jams before class, then I figure out how much I can get my class participants to sweat from this track! I get a real kick out of seeing the look of exhaustion on people's faces!

How important is the music that you play?

Great music is a major key to any successful class. Each track has to relate to the workout, and it has to be motivational. I've always said you should forget about how much pain or exhaustion you're in by just letting the music take you away feel the good vibes!

What gives you the edge over other spin instructors?

I'm a seriously competitive person... I want every class I teach to be the best experience for all participants. I guess that gives me an edge because I'm always seeking to improve my development – it never stops.

After sneaking into one of your classes we know you’re a spin taskmaster – is it rewarding to push people to the limits?

Yes! So rewarding! The thought of knowing my participants are achieving their goals thrills me. I have a 'don't give up' attitude, so it's always rewarding to see people reacting well to this.

What are the benefits of spin, exactly?

Lots! An increase in cardiovascular endurance (you get fitter) which helps with weight loss. Plus your ears get blessed with great tunes (in my class) while you're doing it. So its a win/win.

How do you want people to feel when leaving one of your classes?

Feeling that they've achieved something, and that they've pushed themselves further than they thought was possible. If I was attending someone else's class I would expect high energy vibes, and to be pushed to my limits! So that's what I deliver.

You come from a boxing background, how has this translated into teaching spin?

Boxing is my passion. It taught me that when times get tough, you just have to keep pushing forward, and eventually you'll get through it. I use the same principle in my classes. It's all about remembering the reason why you came to my class in the first place. We all have a goal in sight, so it's about staying focused and eventually you'll achieve it.

What has been your most important life lesson thus far?

Pain may last for a minute, a year, or even a decade, but eventually that pain will heal and you will become strong again.

During the forthcoming winter months, how can your classes keep us motivated?

It's simple, the weather's getting colder, so all that means is I'm going to have to work everyone even harder in classes to keep them warm and fit for winter, so expect more sweat and more amazing tunes!

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