Instructor spotlight – Meet Sarah Matelart

Instructor spotlight – Meet Sarah Matelart

Belgium born and bred Sarah Matelart is one of our instructor poster girls. Alongside being a fitness model competitor, she teaches TRX, MetCon, Frame Fitness, Fightklub, Bikes & Beats and 1 Rep Max. She's a fitness and beauty powerhouse. "I haven't lived one day of my life without chocolate" she says.

What has made you happy today?

An email from my dad. He wants me to print a photo of me with the trophy I won in a fitness competition last Sunday.

Congratulations! Is there a key to happiness?

To me, there are many keys to happiness. Be grateful for what you have. See the bigger picture. Celebrate every little achievement would be the main for me. But also eat well, sleep well, train well. A healthy mind in a healthy body can only be happy.

What is it about working for Gymbox that makes you happy?

The members understand music and tempo! That doesn't happen everywhere. Gymbox is a special and unique place.

How do members feel when they leave your classes?

They can't wait for a shower and food. And they feel very successful for the tough workout they've just been through.

You teach a lot of classes, what motivates you throughout the week?

The thought that I'm changing people's lives, or at least have a positive impact on them. This is what makes my work so rewarding.

What’s the best piece of advice that someone’s given you?

Every rep counts. Hustle. Grind. Work hard. Trust the process and believe in yourself. From there, anything can happen. I don't like to say 'the sky's the limit' because there's no limit, not even in space.

You can’t be a saint, what’s your guilty pleasure?

As I was born and bred in Belgium, I haven't lived one day of my life without chocolate. The darker the better. Even when I was prepping for the WBFF fitness competition.

You changed careers from being a broadcast journalist to working in fitness, what inspired the change?

I was very happy and successful working in media, but one day I asked myself this question: where do you feel like a fish in the ocean? And the answer was, in the gym. That's when the career shift begun.

Any transferable skills from media to fitness?

Getting behind the mic for a broadcast, or getting behind the mic for a class is the same. In a way you want to forget the daily stuff that clutters your mind and perform for the listeners/members that are on the receiving end.

What advice would you give someone who was afraid to try something new? Like 1 Rep Max?

Every master was once a beginner. Get out of your comfort zone, make mistakes, learn from them and grow.

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