Lost in Space: Outfit Inspo

29th November


Silver sequins. NASA-grade spacesuit. A sh*tload of tin foil. When it comes to digging out a lewk for the astronomic event that is Lost In Space, the possibilities are so vast that the usual pressure is practically non-existent. (Is that an attempt at a physics lol? Yeah, you better believe.)

As anyone who’s ever been to a Gymbox party will tell you, we do all the heavy lifting when it comes to creating a stellar atmosphere. And with the superstar DJs and immersive intergalactic experiences we’ve got up our cosmic sleeves, it’s going to be buzzing no matter what you roll up in.

Whether you’re just planning on dipping your bits in glitter or you like your outfits to really shoot for the moon, we’ve put together some inspo to get you started.

But before you rush out to nail your new alien look, make sure you’ve got your ticket, yeah? With sales going faster than a speeding rocket there’s no guarantee there will be any left on the door – and let’s be honest. You don’t want to be lost on the streets of London, painted green from head to toe.

Grab your ticket here.


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