Make Yourself Stronger Than Your Excuses

Make Yourself Stronger Than Your Excuses

Holborn VPT Dean Delandro talks us through the commitment one needs to make impact on our lives, through fitness. Been through a break up? Hungover? These are just excuses. "The severity of each excuse may differ" says Dean, "but sitting around over-thinking and feeling sorry for yourself won't help the situation".

When you join the gym you make a conscious effort to change your body, mental state and lifestyle. You made an agreement with yourself that this was the time to change. The drive and passion you once had forced you to step outside your comfort zone and do something drastic. You committed yourself to a new routine that would change you as a person, for the better. More confidence, self-worth and sex appeal may have been a few things that geared you towards making the decision of change and there was a point where thoughts of the gym crept into your mind daily. Whether it was to do with what you're going to train the following day or tips and advice that might make your training reach the next level, it was something that played heavy on your mind.

Whether the lack of motivation sets in after three days or three years, there will inevitably become a point where you begin to make excuses as to why you can't get to the gym. Some excuses more serious than others but excuses never-the-less. When one of these moments spontaneously arises, it is important to ask yourself will skipping the gym have a positive or negative effect on the situation that caused the excuse. As a personal trainer, I have heard thousands of excuses why someone can't train. From 'I'm hungover' to 'I've just broken up with my partner'. I've heard them all. The severity of each excuse may differ, but the fact that sitting around over thinking and feeling sorry for yourself will certainly not help the situation in the slightest.

Once you don't go in for one day it can easily escalate into one week, one month then one year. The time you invested sculpting yourself into a better person has gone to waste. It could even force you to think that you have tried and failed at becoming better. This will all have an impact on the way you feel about yourself and make future decisions. All it takes is to take action, don't let a small excuse manifest into an issue that will hold you back from progressing into the person you want to become. Getting down to the gym will not only change you aesthetically, it will have a massive effect on your mental state putting you on a higher level and better able to cope with the situations life throws at you. Lifting one more rep, running 1 more mile, doing one more round, will all subconsciously reinforce the fact that you can do the things you once thought you couldn't. You were faced with something you thought was going to be too tough or impossible, but after you have completed it you get a surge of self-worth and reassurance that you can do anything you can put your mind to.

It comes as no surprise that you can complete any task that you put your mind to, let what you want to achieve be incorporated into every step and breath you take. There will always be minor setbacks that are unexpectedly thrown at you, but what separates the good from the great is how at that moment in time, you choose to deal with the situation. Sitting and dwelling on the negatives of the past or the potential struggles of the future will only hold you back from achieving your full potential. Next time you think of making an excuse why you shouldn't go to the gym think about what would happen if you made excuses for every situation that faces you day to day. Instead, focus on the goal that you set yourself and make sure you stop at anything to achieve it. When you are faced with a struggle it is easy to sit back into your comfort zone rather than face the problem. Once you have faced the situation let it motivate you to go to the gym and power you to have the best session you've ever had.

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