Meet Covent Garden Reception Manager Dharlene Madrigal!

Meet Covent Garden Reception Manager Dharlene Madrigal!

Dharlene Madrigal has been working on reception for five years, the last three as Reception Manager at Gymbox Covent Garden. "I love it so much – it's the members that make it so enjoyable to work here" she says. We meet her.

Hi Dharlene! What has your day brought you so far today?

Today, nothing interesting yet! I am on a late shift today so there is plenty of time for something interesting to happen. It is Gymbox after all!

You've been working on reception for Gymbox for five years, what are your best stories?

I've got so many amazing stories! A good one is when a group of lads came into Covent Garden asking what time happy hour started – they thought they were in a bar! I'm guessing because of the lights. They'd had quite a few drinks down them, so the banter was classic. We were cracking up at reception, was one of the funniest moments ever.

What were you doing previous to being Reception Manager?

I was full time on reception. I love it so much! Five years on and I'm still here!

What has been the most unusual lost property that's been handed in so far?

It will always have to be underwear! The best piece was the 'mankini' spandex outfit that came with a cup fitted into it. Yes, a cup! The person who handed it in was as confused as we were.

You must have the Gymbox regulars, have you become friends with any of them?

Yes definitely! I've made a lot of friends through members. Some of them even come out on staff nights with us. They bring us treats and home baked goodies, and we remember their 'usual' orders at reception. It's the members that make it so enjoyable to work here.

What are the most important skills of working on reception?

Patience, computer skills and admin – multitasking is so important because members are eager to get into our classes on time! But, it's the smiles, the cool Gymbox vibe and banter. We don't do boring!

In what ways do you think you represent the spirit of Gymbox?

Just by being myself! Anyone who knows me knows how much of a happy bubbly person I am. I'm always smiling, and always ready to take on the challenge of the day.

What is it about Gymbox that makes you happy?

It will always have to be my colleagues. As I've been here so long I've seen staff leave, which breaks my heart. They all make work such a pleasure! Gymbox is a great little family. Other companies must be sooooo jealous!

You say you love dancing, do you have any favourite Gymbox classes?

Has to be Commercial Dance right now! I had a baby recently so it's helping me shift all those extra lbs!

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