Who won the year's free membership? Rob Hanrahan!

Who won the year's free membership? Rob Hanrahan!

We have a winner! Old Street member Rob Hanrahan referred a friend and bagged himself a year's free membership. We meet him.

Rob, congrats on winning a year's free membership! How did it feel when you heard the news?

I was excited and surprised when I received the call. Let's face it, Tuesdays are generally fairly dull, but this really brightened up my week!

Did you go and celebrate?

Haha, if going to a Frame Fitness class can be considered a celebration, then yes it did!

Describe Gymbox in three words

Fun, innovative, friendly.

What goals are you going to set over the forthcoming year?

I'm aiming to run a marathon next year, so I'm trying to incorporate as much cardio as possible to gradually build up my stamina. The range of classes help massively with this, as there are so many different options to explore, and they cater for a variety of fitness levels.

How will a free year with us impact on your life in general?

A free year at Gymbox will have such a positive impact for me. It will open up some opportunities for me to try loads of things I've been planning, the first of which will be a sky dive in a few months time!

And finally, how does it feel being a WINNER?

It feels great to be a winner! I've never won a competition like this before, so I'd just like to say thanks to Gymbox for offering this great prize.

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