Meet the bloggers! Emma and Charlotte of Lunges & Lycra

Meet the bloggers! Emma and Charlotte of Lunges & Lycra

Emma and Charlotte of Lunges & Lycra are the busiest and most fun fitness ladies in London, who are frequent visitors to Gymbox, loving CrossFit City Road and Show Wrestling amongst many of the classes we have on offer. 'We know exactly how far we can run or how hard we can train on a hangover. Years of practice" they say. We meet them.

Hi Lunges and Lycra! What is your blog all about then?

Our tagline is for women who like fitness, sweating and the odd nip of gin, because healthy doesn't have to mean boring. You can still go out with your mates, eat the odd pizza and drink cocktails.

What was the main inspiration behind it?

We met through a running club (well, in the pub after running club) and we were both thinking of starting a blog as there wasn't much out that that spoke to us. All the fitness magazines at the time seemed to be too extreme or 'take the stairs instead of the elevator' –style patronising, and many of them didn't have a sense of humour.

How do you think your are contributing to the fitness community?

We're just everyday girls. We're never going to be super-fit athletes but we like to stay healthy and hopefully we're showing people fun ways to do that without having to sacrifice your life or your personality. No one likes a training bore after all.

You seem to be training all the time, how do you find the time?

It's a case of fitting it in around other stuff, running home from work, taking a lunchtime class at the gym, catching up with mates at a yoga session and going for brunch after.

You both have day jobs, how do you keep the blog updated between you?

Ha, well we can't do it as often as we'd like to. I'd love to tell you we have a really organised system but we don't, we just do it as and when. Every couple of months we'll meet up for a big blog planning session – but that rapidly dissolves into gossip and a few glasses of wine.

What's the best bit of free kit you've been sent so far?

Oooohh, that's a toughie. Anything from a clothing brand is always very welcome though. No matter how much kit you have, you never have any clean when you need it.

Rumour has it you like a drink. How do you manage the pub/fitness balance?

We know exactly how far we can run or how hard we can train on a hangover. Years of practice.

What areas in fitness would you like to explore but haven't yet?

Team Sport. We never really played at school and have just tried out women's rugby training. It was the most fun we've had in ages. Well, since that time we did WWE wrestling at Gymbox anyway.

How has being involved in fitness contributing to your lives?

It's made us more body confident, we've both been on ridiculous diets and had food issues in the past and getting into fitness stops you obsessing over calories and seeing food as fuel. It's also a great way to make new friends. We've met so many new mates and interesting people since starting the blog. It's been pretty awesome.

You have quite a following, why do you think this is?

It's a mystery to us but we're not complaining.

And finally, as friends to Gymbox, what is it about Gymbox that makes you happy?

Classes definitely, Emma is into the CrossFit at Old Street, circuits and anything where you get to be competitive and lift heavy things. I (Charlotte) love all the yoga and dance classes, even though I've got two left feet.

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