Meet the bloggers! John Robertson of The Everyday Man

Meet the bloggers! John Robertson of The Everyday Man

Fitness, fashion, music, cars, travel? Yup, you name it, it's all going on in The Everyday Man. We meet the man behind one of our favourite blogs. "Gymbox is really like no other place I have trained. The design and feel of the gyms is unlike any other".

Hi John. Are you The Everyday Man? Are you representing the aspirational ideal?

I'm trying to represent a cross section of male interest on the site, so there's a bit of everything which all rolled together makes me The Everyday Man. I don't think I'm the ideal, but I like to provide inspiration to guys in terms of fashion, lifestyle and fitness.

You also model, in what ways does this aspect of your work feed into your blog? And vice-versa?

Well, it can be handy when I'm shooting images to use on blog posts and on social media. I do modelling more as a hobby, it's not a regular gig, but something that I enjoy doing. When I started the blog it was much the same, but I have been lucky enough to turn it into my job.

What type of blokes read your blog?

All sorts if the response I get on social media is anything to go by. Our core readers are from around 18-35 years of age and mainly from the UK, but we do get a real mixed bag of visitors to the site as I like to think there is something of interest no matter what your age.

Do you have a female readership also?

Yes, lots of blokes girlfriends read it. I think girls like to read things from a guys point of view. On the flip side, a lot of the more lifestyle type stories are not gender specific so a lot of females pay a visit for these, too.

You have a background working in the media, for BBC Scotland, tell us about that?

When I left school I wanted to work as a producer. I studied media production at university and loved it. In reality when I left and started working as a runner, I quickly realised that it was maybe not for me after all, as fun as it was I had a drive to do something else.

You're based in Glasgow, what is the fitness industry like in Scotland compared to the rest of the UK?

Sometimes it can be hard as I'm so far away from London, but luckily I get to visit a lot for work. I think much like everywhere, people are paying more attention to fitness and in particular diet. Since we went online it's now very easy to find information (although not all good) so it's easy for people to follow healthy diets and fitness programmes – no matter how remotely they may live.

We love your blog as it covers a variety of lifestyle areas, from music, fitness and fashion through to travel and cars – How do all the lifestyle areas work in synergy with each other?

Pretty much everything is a crossover, which I love. For example, in a fitness post there's always an opportunity to showcase the latest sportswear fashion similarly with a travel piece I am always thinking about the style, the music I'm taking with me or the places I will be training when I get there. Everything works pretty well together.

Although the blog hosts varied content, is fitness central to you?

Fitness is a huge part of my life. It is my passion, and I love to train every day – I really look forward to my sessions.

What are the key skills one needs to create and manage a successful blog?

Hard work is the backbone to it all. As much as it looks from the outside that bloggers are living the life of riley at times, people forget there is hours and hours of work behind it. The balance is key, and all the hard work is definitely worth it.

Do you have to chase ideas for content or do people come to you with ideas/products?

It's a bit of both. In the early days I came up with everything, but as the site grew I began to get approached by a lot of people. I am picky and will only work with the things that are a good fit, but it's nice to be asked to take part in a lot of partnerships with many leading brands.

You have access to a lot of gyms, in what ways does Gymbox stand out to you?

Gymbox is really like no other place I have trained. The design and feel of the gyms for examples is unlike any other. The emphasis on music is something that I love too. I remember the first time I visited one being amazed by the live DJ in the gym. Music is a big part of my workout and really drives me on.

You've trained at a few of our clubs, do you have a favourite (and why?)

Without a doubt the club at Westfield, it's awesome. Firstly it is pretty huge but the space feels great nice and light and the views of the Olympic park from the cardio area are pretty sweet too.

And finally, what piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to start their own blog?

Try to find your niche. It sounds obvious but nowadays there are blogs a plenty so try to be a little bit different. Also be patient, things won't happen over night but with a lot of work you will start to get somewhere. Slow and steady wins the race!

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