Member Spotlight – meet Tavershima Yongo

Member Spotlight – meet Tavershima Yongo

Tavershima, is a student, ex sprinting champ and member of Gymbox Old Street. He shares with us his thought on body image, what music drives him towards achieving his personal bests, and what he loves most about training with us at Gymbox.

How important is music when you're in the training zone?

When training I usually listen to something with good rhythm, like rap, Hip Hop and house. It's all about the beat for me, that's what gets me pumped the most. Music for me is one of the most important aids in the gym. It makes and breaks personal records for me. As soon as I hear the beat drop, it's like it sends a shock of energy and strength from within around my body.

Do you have a 'power song'?

My power song for the past year or so has to be 'Tchami – 'Promesses'. If I'm ever try to set a new personal record, it's the first track I pick. I'd say it has an 70 per cent success rate for me.

You look buff, tell us what your training schedule is

Monday – Back

Tuesday – Cardio & Arms

Wednesday – Legs

Thursday – Shoulders/Traps

Friday – Chest & Calves

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Arms (bicep/triceps) & Calves

What do you like most about training with us at Old Street?

For me, I love the fact that old street is quite compact but it feels so spacious while working out, alongside with the lively environment. I've been to many gym across the country, and for me gymbox old street has to be the best because of these traits.

You were a 800m/1500m sprinter, tell us about that

I was Tower Hamlets Borough Champion for two consecutive years 2008-2009 and went through to the London schools. I made it past the heat stages and placed in the final, but during the race I strained my hamstring and was unable to finish.

Why hang up your spikes and take to lifting instead?

I hung up my track boots due to injury troubles, and the fact that I didn't feel comfortable with the way my body looked as I was fairly tall and extremely skinny. I wanted to change my appearance and also to boost my confidence a little, so I started lifting weights.

Body-wise, is it more about how you feel, or how you look?

Body-wise for me it's definitely a trade off between both, because everybody wants to feel good. At the same time, any guy that tells you he doesn't train to look good is lying. If I had to pick one, it'd have to be have to be how you feel, because how you feel has an impact on how you look in your own mind.

Do you think men and body image is an area that is overlooked when compared to women?

I believe men and body image in comparison to women and body image are on the same wavelength because a lot of women want a nicely built guy, but at the same time a lot of men want a woman with a slim waist, and wide hips type figure. So both have to work extremely hard to acquire that figure.

How does being physically strong impact on other areas of your life?

Be physically strong helps in so many different aspects in life, not just in terms physicality. There's the social, and mental, but I'd say the most satisfying one would have to be when helping my mum unload her shopping out the car and picking up a 40kg bag of rice which usually requires two people!

What are your future fitness aspirations?

My future fitness aspirations would have to be to compete in a fitness competition, start video blogging my gym workouts, and maybe one day open up a gym which will be linked to my many chains of businesses!

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