New class! #Gains review

New class! #Gains review

Need to shake up your training programme and surprise those muscles? Then this is the class for you. Words: Tom Wheatley.

The more street of you may already be au fait with the term 'Gains'. Yes you know who you are. You're probably sat reading this wearing a pair of Hi Tops and listening to the latest track from an artist the rest of us will probably learn about around Christmas time, inevitably because of some charity single. If however you're viewpoint on the word is that it's a typo, let me enlighten you.

#Gains is a hashtag commonly used when people are talking about some sort of fitness progress, predominantly muscle growth. Just type it into Twitter. You'll see what I mean, you'll also see a lot of men with their tops off. Many which don't seem to have understood the concept particularly well. Others you may want to report to Twitter.

So now we've got that clear, what about the latest class at Gymbox with the same name? Well, as you've probably guessed it's a workout focusing on muscle growth. So that means low reps and high weight. The heavier weight you can lift (properly), the bigger your muscles are going to have to compensate. Simple.

As fitness classes go it's a concept that goes against the majority. Studio sessions are, for the most part, based on some sort of cardio or high intensity training with anything using actual strength training focusing more on repetitions. Any of you who have tried kettlebells or Ripped & Stripped will know that using too much weight will mean you spend most of the class stood around taking big breaks. Anyone wanting to lift heavy is likely to be found in the free weights area.

At the start of the class people are paired up with someone of fairly equal strength, because lifting heavy means that you'll more than likely need a bit of help moving the weights around. The workout is broken down into sections focusing on specific muscle groups so that the weights you add to the bar don't have to be changed every two minutes – you can probably bench a lot more than you can bicep curl. Well at least you should be able to.

Each pair then takes it in turns to perform a series of exercises while the other one waits or spots them. Each set is comprised of eight reps. If you finish the eight reps and don't feel tired, you're not lifting enough.

I'm not going to lie, the class isn't designed to turn people into the Hulk. So if you're used to benching 160kgs then probably stick to the gym floor. But for those people that are new to weights and want to start building up some muscle whilst learning the best exercises to do it, it's a perfect opportunity to take your training up a notch in a safe environment -as we all know the free weights area can be a bit intimidating. It's also good for people who aren't too keen on 45 minutes of constant sweating to the point of almost passing. Big weights = bigger rests, which is probably good when the weather is actually hot for once.

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