New class – Just Dance comes to Gymbox!

New class – Just Dance comes to Gymbox!

Need to practice your moves for the launch of world best-seller dance game #JustDance2017? Luckily we've teamed up with them to offer a dance class that does just that, choreographed by our very own James Dawkins. We chat to James to find out what Just Dance collaborator Kimberley Wyatt from The Pussy Cat Dolls was like to work with, and how the fitness game has inspired one of Gymbox's hottest new classes. Class booking is live from today!

The new Just Dance class is inspired by the new video game, can you tell us about it?

Just Dance is a fun interactive dance video game, where you follow dance moves to a edgy pop soundtrack, featuring tracks by Ariana Grande to Sia. The game can be played solo or with your mates. Without knowing it, the game is also a workout. You'll work up a sweat, just like you would in a dance fitness class. So it made total sense to create a class inspired by the game.

Fantastic. Does it work playing it at home and then working out in the class?

It does as they both complement each other. Most of the songs and moves choreographed in the class have been directly taken or influenced by the game. So, if you can’t make it to the class, you can put it on at home, hear the tracks you love from class, and work a sweat with some killer moves to some killer tunes.

Will the soundtrack from the game be used in the classes?

The class is designed around the playlist in the game, and let me tell you, there are some bangers in there!

How does the Just Dance class differ from the other Gymbox offerings?

The Just Dance class follows the format of the game. The tracks in the class follow a verse and chorus format. To intensify the workout, the tracks are broken down into conditioning focused tracks, working on lower and upper body conditioning, using body weight. Then there are tracks which are more stylised. The great thing about the conditioning tracks is that they’re all choreographed, so you wouldn’t realise you are actually conditioning your body.

Brilliant. What parts of the body will it be working?

Predominately legs. However, at least one track every class will focus on body weight conditioning, really fusing together dance and fitness. You will get an all-over body workout.

How many calories can one expect to burn in the class?

Anything from 400-800 calories, depends how hard you work, right? You will burn much more in the class than playing it at home, as the class is of a much faster pace and you will be motivated by others, and the instructor.

Kimberley (pictured below) from the Pussy Cat Dolls collaborated on the new class, what was she like to work with?

Kimberley is a babe! She has great energy and passion for dance, which really reflects the core ethos of the game. She is also beautiful and has some wicked moves!

Why is Gymbox is the perfect brand to collaborate with Just Dance?

Gymbox is the best gym to bring the game alive, as it’s all about the experience they deliver for members, from sound systems to the lighting. Both brands align perfectly for the project. Gymbox members will love it.

How can members expect to feel after the class?

Sweaty, awesome and left wanting more!

Book your place on Just Dance right here.

The classes will be running at the Covent Garden Studio from Thursday 3rd November (6.45-7.45pm) and will be on the timetable for six weeks, with the last class taking place on Thursday 8th December. Tickets are free to Gymbox members and £10 to the general public.