No Excuses: Is it possible to do a class a day?

No Excuses: Is it possible to do a class a day?

With our March theme of 'No Excuses', we challenged Gymbox blogger Kate Robinson to attend a class-a-day for a week. Sounds easy? That's what she thought.

Tuesday March 3rd Thigh High, Holborn, 6.45pm

It's the first day of the challenge and I am PUMPED. Got my gym kit sorted the night before (hello, on it) and was genuinely looking forward to exercising all day. I clock off work, get to class and enjoy burning from the waist down: it's like a leg and bum day all in one.

Wednesday March 4th – Frame Fitness, Old Street, 7.45am

No aches this morning so I must've stretched well, I feel this is going to be my trick to surviving. I'm pacing myself knowing how long it is until rest day, although instructor Sam isn't having any of it as he changes my 'measly' kettlebell for a heavier one. Cheers mate.

Thursday March 5th Rave Holborn, 6.15pm

Ate something dodgy for lunch (I'm looking at you egg mayo) and so would much rather have been lying foetal position on the bathroom floor rather than ON A TRAMPETTE JUMPING UP AND DOWN TO RAVE MUSIC. Thankfully the class was such a laugh that it helped mask my screaming insides.

Friday March 6th – Nike Training Club, Holborn, 6.15pm

A Friday night fitness class: why on earth would I rather be there than down the pub? I politely decline after-work drinks (I was so close to cracking under peer pressure) but I prevailed and geared myself up for an all-over body workout Nike training style. And then hit the pub. Note to self: red wine straight after exercise makes for an interesting night.

Saturday March 7th – Pilates, Old Street, 11.15am

WHY THE F*** DIDN'T SOMEONE TELL ME HOW HARD PILATES WAS? And when I'm meant to be nursing a recovery lie-in too. Apologies to those in the class put off by my flailing arms and unbalanced grunting self.

Sunday March 8th – Beatbox, Old Street, 11am

Last night's social times had included unlimited champagne (standard) and so must've sweat the good stuff with every feeble attempt I made at boxing to the beat. I could barely get my legs up to kick (thanks pilates). Wherefore art thou sofa?!

Monday March 9th – Tour de Old Street, Old Street, 7.15am

' Increase that resistance!' What resistance. The pedals would've moved faster if I'd breathed on them. Needless to say, I struggled.

Looking back, I'm surprised I made it seven days in a row. Would I do it again? Erm, no. Partly because I've got a life but also because with rest days in between it means you can enjoy each class and give it everything you've got.

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