Originals: Meet Rave Instructor, Zoe McNulty!

Originals: Meet Rave Instructor, Zoe McNulty!

Zoe McNulty has been with us for nine years, and she back teaching Rave, hooray! We salute you Zoe, you’re a true Gymbox original!

Hi Zoe. You’ve been chosen as a Gymbox Original, how does that make you feel?

Old!Nah, I feel really good, it’s great to feel recognised for what you do.

And in what ways do you think you are original?

I’m one of the last ones standing! I still ‘hold my own’ with busy classes and a strong reputation.

What is about you that make you and Gymbox a good brand match?

We both like to be different! We both push the boundaries of what people expect and deliver our products with humour and excellence!

You say if we’d cut you, you would bleed yellow and black, what do you mean by that?

When I started teaching at Gymbox it felt like I belonged, it was my fitness home. I recently worked for another company, it didn’t last long… I wanted to come home.

Bless you. How long have you been working at Gymbox?

It’s been about nine years. Holborn had been open a while when I was asked if I could ’do a class with high heels?’ and it went on from there. It has actually shaped my fitness presenting career as I have specialised in classes which help to make women feel sexy and it began with Gymbox.

What have been the highlights for you so far?

I think most recently I temporarily stepped into the Studio Creative role for a second time and I really thrived far better than I had the first time round. And then I get my weekly highlights teaching my classes. My most favourite times have been teaching Booiaka, the energy and enthusiasm from the members is off the chain!

You’re coming back to teach Rave, how do you feel about that?

Good! However I have four classes a week, so I’m anticipating exhaustion quite soon!

Can you get the same high doing the class as going to an actual rave?

Maybe even more so as you are more likely to remember what happened and not wake up in a field or a stranger’s bed!

Ha-ha. So true. Do the worlds of fitness and clubbing collide in any way?

Absolutely: loud, awesome music which compels you to move your body, that’s the basis of each concept. And Gymbox has a definite clubby vibe to it, so the lines are blurred.

What classes do/have you taught, and do you have a favourite?

Raunch is my most favourite to teach (my own creation - Gymbox are yet to benefit from this) Booiaka, a great, hot, sweaty dance class which makes you feel amazing. Last quarter we had We l.UV the 80s which was a glow in the dark tribute to the 80s National Aerobics Championships - very silly and a lot of fun. Stiletto Workout was the original Gymbox class, Rave and Kangoo… so many!

You champion the more curvy woman, tell us about that

I’ve always carried a bit of extra weight throughout my adult life and as a fitness professional for a long time I felt like it was holding me back but struggled to lose it. I’m not a machine, I rarely have time to cook and I really like cake and wine! I believe I represent a lot of women out there. But I’m fit and healthy and I hold myself well. It took me until I was 33 to realise it but in spite of my curves, I’m actually quite hot! And I want other women to realise that actually BECAUSE of their curves they’re actually hot! A lot of women in the fitness industry might be super fit and healthy with a ridiculously low body fat percentage but I guarantee that a large proportion of them (not all but most) are not happy, have eating disorders/body dysmorphia, deep insecurities and constantly feel pressure to look a certain way. Not for me thank you!

What have been the key challenges that you’ve had to overcome?

Being concerned with what other people think - more often than not, what you think people think is not actually the case. Just get your blinkers on and do your thing!

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness for me really is a whole lifestyle - I teach everyday, I work in managerial and consultancy roles during the week, I teach at fitness conventions all over the country and further afield at weekends, my social life is my fitness life, it is all one. I don’t know any other way, or any other industry.

For those who haven’t been to Rave, what can they expect?

A tough but motivational workout in the dark so no one can see you sweat and a whole load of 'FREEEEESTYYYYLE!'