Play Harder! Ragga Dancehall member review

Play Harder! Ragga Dancehall member review

As this month's theme is Play Harder, we are inviting members to review their favourite classes. To get us back in the mood post-bank holiday, Gymbox member Rosie McGowan tells us why Ragga Dancehall gets her heart rate racing.

As a girl that's been brought up with martial arts and boxing I was almost sold straight away when I saw the boxing ring and bags in Gymbox Westfield, then I found out about the variety of dance classes and that was it I was signing the dotted line. So far I've not been disappointed and I'm here to tell you about my new class addiction – Ragga Dancehall!

In three simple words: I love it! I've recently moved to the area and was looking for a class that was fun, friendly and a good workout and Ragga Dancehall is all these things, and more. Like most people I was slightly paranoid for the first 10 minutes, but Sara the instructor creates a great atmosphere and you soon relax and let go. The class teaches traditional dancehall steps, some are definitely leg burners…but that's good! Feel the burn!

There's a new dance choreography each week, so not only does it work the body, but it trains the brain. Don't panic though if you're worrying about picking up the moves, it's a relaxed atmosphere where no one really cares as long as you're having a great time, and as Sara says: "feel the music". I've found after a few classes now that I'm picking up the choreography quicker. It's like anything – the more you do something, the more progress you see.

As someone that works in the fitness industry myself, I appreciate a good instructor when I see one and gymbox is not short of them! I personally highly recommend Ragga Dancehall if you're looking to burn some calories, work those thighs and have a great time then book your class and vote #ragga.

I'm not the only one that loves the class though as it gets fully booked pretty quickly so set that alarm in the morning to guarantee your place! See you there!!

Go on, give Ragga Dancehall a whirl, book your spot right here.