Animal! Spin spin spin!

Animal! Spin spin spin!

Need some tips as to how to rev up that inner animal and take on Spin? Then member Rosie McGowan can show you the way.

If you're looking to push your limits to awesome beats then I definitely recommend spin! I've taken classes with all the Westfield spin instructors and none of the classes disappoint. Guaranteed, it's one sweaty workout full of sprints and hill climbs that not only works the legs, but I've also seen a difference in my abs!

I do both the Bike & Beats and Tour De Westfield classes. I personally feel that Bikes & Beats is slightly less strenuous so perhaps if you're new to spin start with the Bikes & Beats and then go for the Tour De Westfield! Either way you'll leave the spin studio with a 'Rosie glow!'

One top tip from me, don't sit down straight after the class. I need to remind myself of this because I do this every time. I leave the spin studio, have a little sit down whilst I check my phone and drink my recovery shake and then my legs do that thing kids do when there throwing a wobbler and absolutely refuse to move from the spot there at. My top half is like, 'OK, let's go' and my legs are like 'Noooo'. But don't let that put you off!

I've seen a lot of progression since starting spin mission, my bum and legs are starting to shape up quite nicely (perks) and I've seen improvement in other areas of my training from doing weekly classes. So I'd definitely recommend you get your spin on!

In short: De-Bike & De-Beat = Dead – you'll definitely sleep well!

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