Rapture: Yoga Rave class review

Rapture: Yoga Rave class review

Ever thought you could do Yoga and rave at the same time? Well now you can. Our friends over at Lunges and Lycra found out.

Imagine you're relaxing on a beach in Ibiza, cocktail in hand. The sun is sinking slowly below the horizon, warming you with its final rays, waves lazily lap the shore and your limbs have that lovely, glowy holiday feeling…

Well Yoga Rave is the closest you're going to get to that blissed out feeling without a short haul flight and a bucket of rum.

One of the newest classes on the Gymbox timetable, I wasn't too sure what to expect when I first went along to the 45-minute class. After all, yoga and rave don't seem the most obvious of bedfellows. But rather than happy hardcore, the running man and glow sticks it was all about trippy balearic beats and fluid, playful yoga sequences.

Held in a dark, warm studio with UV lights picking out any bright colours or white kit you're wearing, it's all very chilled and relaxed. The teacher took us through basic sequences and flows encouraging us to 'play' around with them – so wiggling your hips, taking flows at your own speed, stretching in and out of postures and working deeper into the muscles that feel like they really need it. The darkness definitely helps as you can stretch and wiggle to your heart's content without worrying about looking a bit daft infront of other attendees. The emphasis on making it your own practice also makes Yoga Rave suitable for all levels from beginners through to the more advanced.

A lovely, stretchy class that unravels all those knots and tensions the week has placed on you, Yoga Rave left my muscles and mind feeling all warm and liquidy. I also loved the fact that Chris came round and asked if there was any area in particular you wanted to work on ­– as a runner it's always hamstrings and hip flexors for me – suggesting adaptions and alternative postures to ensure you get exactly what you want from the class.

Coming round after savasana – the few minutes of lying down and completely relaxing at the end of the session – I felt all spaced out (probably the same effect you get in Ibiza) and had the most amazing deep sleep that evening. My one warning would be don't try this class at lunch time, you'll spend the whole afternoon staring at your computer screen with a blank dreamy smile.

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