Saddle up! Time for some Cycle’ography

Saddle up! Time for some Cycle’ography

Gymbox member Genevieve Teevan steps out of the cycling frying pan and into the fire of Cycle’ography, where you ride to the beat while learning easy-to-follow choreography.

I love cycling but not – until now – stationary cycling. It fails in any way to replicate that invincible superhero-on-a-mission, hot-like-a-summer-dream feeling that you get weaverbirding your bike through traffic. So why do indoor cycling classes at all? Answer: intensity. Bicycle mechanics are such that you may feel you’re racing like a runaway horse, but, alas, you’re not actually getting much of a workout zipping around town with the wind in your hair.

Cycle’ography is the solution. Like all Gymbox cycling classes, you sweat buckets and your thighs burn, but the Cycl’ography bonus is the addition of choreography to distract you from the fact that you’re going nowhere fast.

Instructor and talented dancer-choreographer Kris Mrozek creates new playlists and choreography every week. His mix of electro-house favourites is fantastic, only outshone by his spectacular two-finger whistle.

Choreography in this context means sequences of arm and shoulder moves that keep your mind focussed and require your core to do some work. Your legs are pumping, your abs are held tight and, from the waist up, you’re vogue-ing, baby. It’s like a snappier, continuous version of those tricky moments on the road when you’re standing on your pedals and have to signal left-right-left on consecutive tight corners.

Some of Kris’s tracks are slower than others which Bike & Beats class veterans know means you crank your resistance. There is no let up. You get to the point where breathing is just no fun anymore, but Kris hustles and struts around the studio to rally his flock. The class is hard, but this is what you came for, right?

Kris promises/threatens that the choreography will get more complex each week so do start attending now before it becomes too advanced for anyone who didn’t tour with Madonna in the nineties.

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