Spin Cycle Instructor Spotlight: Jessica Parkinson

Spin Cycle Instructor Spotlight: Jessica Parkinson

Can fragrance make you fitter? Farringdon insiders are flocking to the sweetest, zingiest-smelling studio in London for the new scent-infused Spin Cycle class. We sent Gymbox member Genevieve Teevan to get the low-down from class creator Jessica Parkinson.

What’s the inspiration behind Spin Cycle?

Eco-friendly brand method approached Gymbox to help launch their naturally derived and vividly fragranced laundry detergent range. They gave me three scents that enhance performance & asked me to design a 30-minute HIIT cycling class incorporating them. It had to ensure the participants worked up a sweat & then felt inspired to wash their clothes with method's detergent!

I’ve survived your classes before (and the next-day aches that follow), so I know you have a real talent for motivating people. How does the use of scent help to motivate the cyclers?

Thank you so much, that's very kind! Following work with Professor Charles Spence from the University of Oxford, the aromas have been shown to stimulate brain waves, energise and boost mood. Jasmine helps motivate by creating euphoric effects, then the freshly cut grass & pink grapefruit stimulate beta brain waves that makes you work harder! Pink grapefruit also has relaxing properties which calm the mind – this helps push you through tougher workouts.

What’s the technical focus of the class?
Simply to get participants working as hard as they can & burning more fat & calories! The class sticks to a "hardcore ride" theme to ensure a maximal cardiovascular workout.

How would you rate this class in terms of difficulty? What’s the hardest element of it?
The hardest element is the lack of recovery! Throughout the class, there is only a single one-minute recovery section so it's tough to keep going. I remind them it'll be over fast so keep pushing & don't waste that precious workout time!

What sort of soundtrack can we expect?
An absolute mixture. From pop to drum & bass, but all high-energy, beat-focused tunes!

What’s your favourite thing about teaching Spin Cycle?

The faces of participants as the scent gets pumped into the room! They're always so shocked & excited by it!

Which is your favourite of the scents? Why?

Freshly cut grass is definitely my favourite as it really motivates me to workout harder. It's a scent that's fresh & energising, so for me it's definitely the winner!

Is there any type of person for whom would you recommend this class?
I'd recommend it to everyone! The scents are all tested and it’s a fun workout to try.