Festival spotlight – meet Rob Da Bank!

Festival spotlight – meet Rob Da Bank!

Bestival 2015 is launching it's first health and fitness 'festival within a festival – the Slow Motion area. We were so excited about this we had to meet Rob Da Bank and find out more about it. "'I'm a hedonist at heart, and it's taken me 20 years to get to grips with finding the right balance!"

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Hi Robby! Bestival 2015 is just around the corner, are you excited?

Always! its the pinnacle of our working year so its a mix of excitement, dread, fear, joy and sheer terror combined. We've doubled our amount of shows this tear from two to four so its been a busy year so far! September will feel like Christmas by the time we get there!

The new venture at Bestival this year is the new Slow Motion area – from indoor cycling to live DJs, yoga, running… how did this come about?

Basically the idea came from me and Josie (my wife) getting older! But seriously, from seeing the way younger people seem to be looking after themselves better – at least a lot of the ones who come to Bestival! When i was a teenager, no one would have done yoga, spinning or meditate, but now it's part of a lot of people's lives. We wanted there to be an area you could escape to and just zone out for a few hours – or a day or two. It's going to be a big area, and not just a gesture – it's a whole festival within a festival!

There are going to be live DJs at the Revolution Ride, to include some headline DJs – can you give us a clue as to who'll be playing?

Well, at the moment it is myself and resident DJ Lulu Le Vay – the special guest DJs are yet to be announced, so watch this space!

One of our instructors, Zoe McNulty, is going to be on the Revolution Ride instructor team – what should she expect?

I imagine the most colourful up-for-it bunch of nutters she's ever worked with. All I can say is good luck Zoe!

Camp Bestival has just happened, how do you manage to handle two festivals so close together?

There's only a month between the two. Its a double-edged sword – means we can't really get away and go on holiday over the summer, and everyone's frantic, but at least were all in the mood for building festivals and we just power on through… I'm not complaining as it's the best job in the world, but we've just put it on at a bad time!

You got into fitness about a decade ago, does it keep you sane?

Actually, when I was a teenager I was a competitive sailor, sailing 3-4 times a week, and was in the UK team for dinghies, so I was a fit young dude then went raving for 20 years! I always yearned to get back to the water and sailing… But yes, about a decade ago I got into yoga and have practised ashtanga and more recently kundalini ('cause I'm getting too stiff for ashtanga!) ever since. It keeps me sane for sure. I also practise transcendental meditation and surf, paddle board, sail and ran a marathon a few years back I lead a double life!

Living on the Isle of Wight, what do you do/have access to fitness-wise?

I love being outdoors. We live in the middle of the wild west Wight, and I can run from my house and not see a single car for 30 mins. I can see the sea, hills and trees everywhere, so I'm kinda lucky. Having said that, we have some amazing yoga teachers and trainers on the island – there's a big scene here. just not many great gyms!

Has there been a new trend emerging for festival-goers wanting to find the balance of 'the party' and keep up their fitness at festivals?

I really think so… I'm a hedonist at heart, and it's taken me 20 years to get to grips with finding the right balance, but I think more and more people are starting that earlier, and keeping fit as well as raving. Sometimes at the same time! Come to Bestival 2015 and find out!

Describe what your perfect day would be at Bestival 2015

Preferably more than two hours sleep, little fluffy clouds, sunshine, and 55,000 happy people.

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