SURFSET® comes to Gymbox Farringdon!

SURFSET® comes to Gymbox Farringdon!

As Gymbox is at the fore of fitness training, we are excited to announce the arrival of SURFSET® on July 20th, a brand new class using yup, you've guessed it, surf boards.

What is it all about then?

SURFSET® is all about getting away from the traditional static workout and challenging your body in new ways. Every exercise on the board is designed to engage your core and stabiliser muscles, and shock the system to create real change inside and out. The body builder look is out, and the lean surfer physique is in. You have to train like an athlete to build an athletic body type, and that means multi-planar movements that engage the body and mind in challenging and unique ways.

Lean, mean, surfing machine

A surfer is lean without looking weak, and muscular without the bulk. Sharp muscle lines are perfectly symmetrical, and overall body balance creates that enviable athletic physique. Paddling builds shoulder definition, strengthens the lower back muscles, and increases cardiovascular fitness. Duck-diving through waves builds arm strength: tricep strength in particular. The pop-up maneuver engages the core and pectoral muscles, and helps to build explosive power. And the actual process of standing and riding the wave increases leg strength, flexibility, and engages all the postural muscles.

For a detailed breakdown of how the class works, watch their videos right here.

* starts July 20th