Swagger: ​Ladies, time to torch that body fat!

Swagger: ​Ladies, time to torch that body fat!

8 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights - By Ben West

More effective tool for fat loss

Weight lifting is not just designed for guys who want to build monstrous physiques, shirt-busting arms and oversized legs with the inability to find clothes that fit, it's also the most effective way for females to torch body fat and obtain that athletic body that many are striving for.

It's been proven time and time again that lifting weights is far more effective for fat loss than aerobic exercise. I'm not saying cardiovascular workouts don't have their place, but if we're looking for the optimal way of burning body fat and increasing lean muscle tissue, weight training trumps aerobic exercise by a landslide.

The huge advantage to weight training over cardiovascular training is your body’s ability to continue to burn fat even after exercise has finished. It takes more energy for your body to maintain muscle cells than it does fat cells, therefore by adding more muscle mass with weight training you will turn your body into a greater efficient fat burning machine.

Increased Energy

If i had £1 for every client who came to me before training saying ‘I’m tired’, ‘I don't have any energy’, and after leaving feeling full of life and a completely changed person, my money box would be overflowing. On a serious note studies have shown that resistance training causes and increase in energy expenditure hours after you have finished training. This means when you return back to your desk you will most definitely be feeling pumped with energy.

Improved quality of sleep

If you are finding a lack of quality sleep in your life I would suggest you seriously look into weight training as a way of improving that. Studies (International SportMed Journal) have suggested that strength and weight training have helped improve the ability to shut of and fall asleep sooner, sleep deeper and decrease the amount of times sleep is interrupted. We rely on sufficient sleep in order to perform properly in the gym, work place and at home, so give weight training a try and see how much your sleep patterns improve, and as a result how much better you feel mentally and physically.

Stress relief

How many of you have used going to the gym as an excuse to blow of some steam and release some of that stress? I certainly have and it's proven to help! Research shows weight training and others types of exercise allow individuals to manage their stress levels better keeping them much calmer and more focused.

If you're feeling stressed I recommend you hit those weights, get out that frustration. I guarantee when you leave you won't be feeling the same as when you came in.

Increased muscle means more calorie expenditure

The more muscle your body has the more calories you burn, the more muscle contractions you make in a given day the more calories you burn. It's that simple. Cardiovascular training helps but its an increase in muscle tissue and weight training that burns the most body fat.

Doing nothing burns few calories, walking burns slightly more, running burns even more and strength training burns a hell of a lot more than all three put together. If you looking to lose body fat and obtain an athletic physique, lifting weights is the way forward.

Athletic body (curves, firm bum, toned legs)

Not to dissimilar to the point above, if you want curves, a ‘bubble butt’ and toned legs, the only way this is going to happen is if you focus your training attention away from lots of cardio, and focus more on lifting weights and strength training.

I guarantee the women on the front cover of Women’s Health, and many women you see of TV all train hard in the gym by moving weights and sticking to some sort of strength programme. It's not easy and it takes hard work, time and patience, but if you stick to it and progress with your lifts you will most defiantly have the athletic body you are striving for.

Healthier heart

A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that women who lift weights on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from heart disease and obesity. Weight training is a recommend form of exercise which helps reduce the risk of heart disease, lowers body fat and reduces blood pressure. All good enough reasons to start lifting and live a healthier lifestyle.

More confidence with your body image and overall fitness

Transforming your body image is hard work! It takes dedication, planning and most importantly patience. But like everything, you only get good at something if you continue with it, and weight training is certainly something that should continually be done and improved upon constantly.

It's not easy but if it was everyone would look and feel great all the time! If you want to be confident with your body I recommend you really focus on lifting weights and taking care of your diet. Both are needed in order to get great results, so if you're not confident or need guidance you should approach a qualified trainer who understands your goals and understand the best way for you to get there. The same also applies to males looking to get in shape. 

I'm here to offer guidance and support. If you're looking for a trainer who understands how to programme properly and get results please feel free to drop me a message and I'd be more than happy to discuss everything in greater detail.

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