Swagger: Meet Gymbox DJ Paul Heron

Swagger: Meet Gymbox DJ Paul Heron

To help you recover from Xmas and get you back into your fitness regime, we have yet another exclusive DJ mix from one of our resident Gymbox DJs. Tom Wheatley meets the fabulous DJ Paul Heron, resident at Gymbox Bank.

Your website says you play quality deep, dirty, pumping, funky tribal and uplifting progressive house. For the non-music genre aficionados out there, can you tell us what that means in layman's terms?

In that sentence I guess I just tried to sum up the eclectic mixture of sounds that I play as I tend not to be stuck in just one genre. Depending on where I'm playing, and the mood of the crowd, I can go from playing deep or disco house through to playing tougher sounds where appropriate. I always say good music is good music, regardless of what genre some DJ or producer has decided to list it under.

You've remixed tacks for Empire of The Sun, The Scissor Sisters and Grace Jones. Are there any other artists you'd like to work with in the future?

Beth Ditto from Gossip is a legend! I love the sound of her voice. Also Roisin Murphy is a person favourite of mine. Karen Park is also amazing, she has a very sexy vocal, and I'm loving Victoria Modesta at the moment. I have massive respect for that girl, she's a total star and so deserves the current media attention!

Out of all of your remixes, do you have a favourite?

My Grace Jones remix. It's deep and moody - very sexy and true to the original.

Your venue list has seen you play in more countries than many of us could ever hope to visit. Where are your favourite places to play?

Australia holds a massive place in my heart - I've done some amazing gigs there. Also Brazil as the energy of the crowd there is electric, and Brussels as it's the home of one of my favourite clubs in the world and one my main residencies - La Demence.

What are the different crowds around the world like, in comparison to ours here in London?

Brazil and Spain - you can certainly feel the lust for life and palpable positive energy in the air. London and Berlin tend to be a bit more of a cool vibe, although us Londoners can get just as crazy as anywhere I've ever played if not more so sometimes!

Which are your favourite London venues to play at?

I play a lot for Fire, we have some amazing events. East Bloc and Dalston Superstore are also great fun. I used to love playing DTPM at Fabric, that venue and sound system are just amazing, but the Ministry is still a pretty epic venue. Surprisingly, one of my all time favourites was just a battered pub in East London called The Joiners - I loved the mixed crowd that went there.

What are the key differences between DJing at a gym and in a club?

In the gym I just build it up. I can start mellow and deep when people are coming in, warming it up. But then I try and build the intensity up as I know I personally find it easier to do cardio to more energetic tunes.

Do you feel music in important to fitness training?

I think it's very important! On days when I have forgotten my headphones I find it very hard to get the same motivation especially if I'm doing cardio! The music distracts you, and you can go for twice as long without even realising!

Are you a gym-goer yourself?

Yeah! I tend to really like spin classes as I like the musical motivation, I can often be found at Farringdon spinning to the live DJ.

Catch Paul live on electric radio www.thisiselectric.co.uk the last Saturday of every month from 10pm-12pm

For more info go to www.djpaulheron.com

Gonna Make You Sweat by Paul Heron by Gymbox on Mixcloud