Swagger! Swingers Crazy Golf

Swagger! Swingers Crazy Golf

It's December! All year you have been working hard on yourself, so this month we aim to celebrate with some swagger. To kick things off for the best month of the year, we sent Elle Linton of Keeitsimpelle into pop-up golf outfit Swingers in Shoreditch. But did she find any swagger in her swinging? Read on. 

A hop, skip and a jump away from a Friday night class (the evenings warm up) at Gymbox Holborn is Swingers. A new crazy golf pop up nestled on the edge of Shoreditch.

We hit up Swingers to see what it was all about and to double check if there was any swagger in my swinging.

The venue is made up of the nine hole course, plus a bar, a champagne bar, resident foodies Pizza Pilgrims, guest foodies plus a DJ spinning the tunes all night. Sounds like our kinda place, huh?!

First stop was the bar, of course. The place wasn’t overcrowded so drinks were in hands swiftly (phew, it had been a long week and my workout was a killer). Then to refuel post workout. I opted for a taste of Pizza Pilgrims. A quick and easy service where you order and pay at the champagne bar then swap your receipt for your food (cooked to order). Benches and stools fill up half the venue to provide somewhere for you to rest while you eat, drink and be merry. Fabulous. 

At 8.15pm sharp we made our way over to the start line to pick up our golf clubs and ball and get swinging. The excitement was too much, plus we were already a little giddy. 

Let me start by saying I took this pretty seriously. Each person gets six hits per hole. If you don't make the shot in the six you had to move on. According to the score card, the hardest hole was a par three. There was hope for me.

I didn’t start off too bad. Hole one was conquered in four shots (a par two hole). Warming up. Then it got a little like a roller-coaster with ups and downs. six shots, four shots, six shots, three shots. Then two shots on a three par hole. BOOM! Chatting, laughing, full blown shock at some of my attempts. A little bit of waiting when bigger groups were ahead but with an on course bar keeping your drinks flowing and a friendly crowd meant boredom was kept at bay. It was also a good time to check out the hole, come up with strategies and practice shots. Tip: it’s all about the follow through (sound dodgy but you know what I mean). 

So, I finished 17 above par. Ouch. I beat my partner in crime by one shot though. Winning. Might change my name back to Dan, from Elle (both for Danielle) to claim the first position on the leaderboard?! That was me. Yup. *shrugs*. This is definitely a place you can turn up the swagger and have a great afternoon or evening swinging with your mates - remember not the kind with keys in a bowl -  or date. Obviously.

A small fee is payable to enter the venue. Entry fee and golf tickets can be purchased in advanced as well as on the door. A cloakroom is available at a small charge. Makes for an awesome night out even if you’re not playing golf. Miniature dance floor is there to cut some shapes if you so fancy. 

See you on the green.

For more info: Swingers

COMPETITION! To win a pair of tickets to Swingers, answer this question: 'Who were the two main male actors who starred in the film Swingers in 1996?' - email answers to [email protected]