​Swagger: Werking Up A Sweat with DJ Aamyko

​Swagger: Werking Up A Sweat with DJ Aamyko

Gymbox Covent Garden resident DJ, Aamyko, is here to take you on a musical fitness journey. "Never let anyone with bad eyebrows and a flat ass tell you how to live your life. And you can quote me on that." Amy Strode meets the Gymbox musical legend. 

Hi Aamyko. You say you play "the hottest, sexed-up slut-jamz on earth!"What sort of sounds do you like to bring to Gymbox to keep members spinning and sweating?

Slut-jamz are fun to listen to when you're working out! I like to play music that really gets you in the zone and pushes you that extra mile. I play a lot of vocal disco and house, with lyrics like "pump", "jumpin''" etc. - basically, anything that says, "you better werk, bitch!".

Who or what are the influences/inspiration behind your mixes?

Every time I create a mix, I like to think of it as a journey. You start off as one kind of person and by the end you could be totally different. When I made The Sweat Mix for Gymbox, my inspiration came from the gym itself. I wanted it to be full of pumping energy, cool, slick and modern- everything that I think Gymbox stands for.

What would you say has been the highlight of your musical career so far (other than playing at Gymbox of course)?

I've been very fortunate to have a lot of good things happen in my career considering it only really started in 2011. I would have to say that playing at GMF in Berlin was deffo a highlight, as well as DJing at Adams in Helsinki for their Pride night- both truly unforgettable experiences.

What's the best thing about DJing at Gymbox Covent Garden?

The vibe at Covent Garden gives me life! I have so much fun DJing there, not only because the members there are so appreciative of the music, but also because they're the kind of people that will come up to the DJ booth and ask to take pictures with me. I love that!

Ever get any requests from gym-goers?

A lot of people come up to me after my sets to ask me about certain tracks I play. I did get a request once for more Britney Spears- obviously I said, "HELL YES!".

How similar is DJing in the gym to playing in a club?

I think there is a vibe at Gymbox that gives the impression that music is a very important part of the gym. The lighting, the layout, the DJ booth all help to create a club atmosphere, which is one of the things I think people really like about the gym.

When you're lacking energy, what's your ultimate musical pick me up?

Lyrics are everything to me, when I'm working out I need something that tells my fat ass to keep going and werk harder. I like music that's upbeat and positive. Oh, and of course music with attitude- that always helps to keep your energy levels up!

We've noticed you wear a lot of day-glo (perfect for Gymbox!). How would you describe your style?

I do wear a lot of day-glo - it's fun! I describe my style as a gender-bending assault on the senses. I laugh when people say things like, "oh but you can't wear that", because it just makes me want to wear those clothes even more. I've always been very inspired by artists like David Bowie, Grace Jones etc. when it comes to looks and fashion; they are fearless and I like to consider myself in that way too.

Is it important that you look good while you DJ? Does it impact on your performance?

It's very important for me to be happy with what I have on. Some people may think, "WTF?", and others may think I look fierce but I never let opinions influence my wardrobe choices. As long as I think I look hot and my butt looks bangin' then I'm good to go!

Loving the body confidence! How do you like to express yourself style-wise or otherwise?

Style-wise, I like to push my boundaries but still remain true to myself. Fashion is a great way to express yourself and it goes hand in hand with music. I find that the music I play also helps me to express a side of myself that's fun, energetic and disco-tastic!

If you ran your own class at Gymbox what would it involve and why?

If I had a class it would totally have something to do with disco music mixed in with sexy pelvic thrusting moves to get you sweaty and in shape. Disco has always been part of my life and it's just impossible to listen to it and not be happy! I'm actually dying to try pole dancing at Gymbox! I think I could be a natural as I already twerk like Miley on crack so that's next on my list of things I gotta do!

You sound like you'd be a natural! Finally, do you have a motivational motto?

Never let anyone with bad eyebrows and a flat ass tell you how to live your life! And you can quote me on that.

Listen to Aamyko's Sweat Mix on our Mixcloud.