The Gymbox Guide to Alternative New Year’s Resolutions

The Gymbox Guide to Alternative New Year’s Resolutions

January has to be most people's least favourite month of the year. All this talk of giving up chocolate, losing weight and going for a freezing cold run every day... So Lily of fitness blog Lilylipstick has come up with five alternative New Year’s Resolutions, which will put a much-needed spring in your step and might even be enjoyable to stick to:

1) Try a new healthy dish – while everyone focuses on cutting out chocolate, bread and booze, switch the focus to adding new foods to your diet and new dishes to your repertoire. January is a bleak and cold month and a sad salad and restrictive calorie counting is not going to make you feel your best. Why not try a new ingredient – there's so much delicious seasonal veg at this time of year – and cook up a warming, healthy stew or soup. Setting aside some time on a Sunday afternoon for a therapeutic cooking session will give you something healthy to eat all week as well as saving the pennies.

2) Try a new workout class – forget traipsing to the gym along with everyone else in January to torture yourself on the treadmill or resolving to take up running in the coldest, darkest part of the year. Find a new class such as Kangoo Jumps or Aerial Yoga and reinvigorate your fitness motivation. I can’t wait to try the new Cocoon classes too for a holistic start to 2016 – shaking up your routine will keep things interesting and – bonus point – the classes are indoors so there is no excuse for missing them due to bad weather.

3) De-clutter – sort out those Christmas presents, bin the last of the mangy wrapping paper, eBay the gifts that you won’t use (sorry not sorry) and have a good old declutter. Starting the year with a clean slate will make you feel so much better and when it’s cold outside an afternoon de-cluttering with your favourite soundtrack in the background is a great (and free) way to spend time this month!

4) Pick a goal – having a goal to work towards makes resolutions easier to keep. Whether it be to run 10km without stopping, improve on a personal best or get to the gym a certain number of times per week. Once you’ve set your goal – make a plan to make it happen. I write my gym sessions in my diary in bright pink pen so that I commit to them (my pet hate is messing up my Filofax with scribbled crossings out).

5) New kit – new gym kit will always make you more motivated. Christmas vouchers? Great – this is what to spend them on. Check out the January sales – I have my eye on bright leggings, yoga socks (no more cold toes mid class) and some new trainers. Even if you’re trying to cut down on shopping in 2016, new fit kit never makes me feel guilty as I know I’ll get a lot more wear out of it than those 6 inch heels I have my eye on…

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