The last days of disco: Meet Youth Club

The last days of disco: Meet Youth Club

With just over a week until Gymbox presents… The last days of disco we caught up with tropical South End based headliners Youth Club who are returning to the Gymbox stage with their own special dedication to disco.

GB: So boys what’s been happening since we last saw you?

YC: We have loads of things happening behind the scenes, we have been in the studio finishing off new songs for up coming releases as well as a new booking agent and management team. So we are locked and loaded for a big year next year.

GB: The theme this time around is disco, tell us what are you top five disco tracks?

YC: Earth Wind and Fire - September | Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl | Prince - I Wanna Be You're Lover
 | Daft Punk - Get Lucky | Luther Vandross - Never Too Much

GB: You have been on tour this year, what other artists have impressed you?

YC: We did a tour back in Feb/March and we had a band called HAUS supported us, they were ace to hang with and we are massive fans of their music, they have a new single out called 'Two Minds' it's a banger! Also check out Young Kato and High Tyde!

GB: Apart from this one, what is the worst interview question you’ve ever been asked?

YC: We hate the question, 'What other bands would you say you sound like?' as we have such a unique and varied sound it's hard to pick bands we sound like because id like to think we don't sound like any other bands.

GB: We want an album, when can we expect one

YC: We can't give you a date yet but it's in the process of being finished and pitched and doing all the planning for its release in the near future.

GB: Who would you most like to work with in the industry and why?

YC: Philippe Zdar, he has worked with some of our favourite artists on our favourite albums, he is just a genius with bringing out the best sounds and arrangements and we think if we got in the studio together we could really make something special.

GB: What can we expect from you this time round?

YC: New songs, new energy...

GB: You performed at our Concrete Jungle party last year, can you give people who’ve never been to a Gymbox party before an idea of what they can expect.

YC: A Gymbox party is pure madness. It's close to unexplainable as you have to be there to experience how much of a party it is...