The New Gymbox Farringdon joins the line-up!

The New Gymbox Farringdon joins the line-up!

Coming to EC1 on November 14th is the all new XXL Gymbox Farringdon. Not just our biggest space (twice the size of anything we’ve ever done before) but also our most different and daring. With over 150 of your favourite Gymbox classes, plus some unique new classes designed specifically for the gym. This is 42,000 square feet of gym equipped like nowhere else in the Capital.

150 classes timetable

Gymbox is known for providing a multitude of classes, and it gets better at Gymbox Farringdon. Amidst our 150 classes a week, we have a selection of unique classes specific to this site. The unique format of Row 30 captures all the elements of competitive on-water rowing, creating a class that is fast-paced and engaging from the first minute. From skills and drills to waves and recoveries, building up to a friendly but competitive race. Stick 'n' Move is a programmed boxing and HIIT workout. Challenge yourself with guided punch combos to hone punch technique on the bag and work through rounds of body conditioning for a total body workout. We’ve created the hardest class you’ve ever experienced – Escalate. This is a 45 minute high-intensity interval session that takes you through a pre-planned grid of exercises allowing you to reach the necessary heart rate zones to achieve the real benefits of HIIT training. Watch this space for further info.

Functional Training

The centre piece for the new gym consists of a vast three lane sports turf track. This open space will allow members to train functionally, and will be open to some of the new classes launching at Gymbox Farringdon. Like nothing you’ve seen in our gyms to date.

Aerial Acrobatics

We couldn't open a brand new Gymbox without a massive frame to play on. We have created the ideal space for body weight and calisthenic training, along with rigging points for aerial, trapeze and circus workouts. So no excuses, lots of space and opportunity to hang upside down show off that perfect pull up and master those muscle-ups.

Combat Areas

Featuring a Dojo and Olympic sized boxing ring and over 20 punch and kick bag stations, our combat area will be home to some of the best fight schools in London, including the Roger Gracie Academy for BJJ, and Team Tieu for Muay Thai. Not to mention a slew of kick-ass MMA classes. The Olympic size boxing ring will feature technical-based classes, as well as sparring. Plus our new Stick 'n' Move concept will utilise the heavy boxing bags.

Sports Performance

We have the very best of sports specific performance training equipment which includes Olympic lifting, and strength and conditioning. The equipment has been cherry picked from a variety of different brands catering for any type of training. We're here to provide all your training needs.

Treatment rooms

Something you definitely need if you are training as hard as we hope you are. We have two treatment rooms to help you with all manner of sports-related injuries, sports massage and rehab.

Get in touch with our New Farringdon Pre-Sale Team for more info or come see us at our Marketing Suite shown below.