The Nightmare Before Christmas Party Review

The Nightmare Before Christmas Party Review

The Gymbox parties are becoming the stuff of legend. Did you miss out on our Nightmare Before Christmas party, or want to re-live those dance-floor memories? Monica Imbert reports from the disco dancing front line.

Early December the festive season was certainly upon us, as were the wonderfully naughty – and in some instances risqué – shenanigans known as the office Christmas party. How could Gymbox let its dedicated tribe of energiser bunnies down by not paying homage to the age old tradition and hosting the Christmas party of all Christmas parties.

This year’s event saw the Gymbox and its loyal followers return to the iconic East London space, The Laundry. Gymbox skilfully transformed its basement space into a spectacular grotty grotto for an epic nightmare before Christmas.

Things kicked off at 9pm and as a self-confessed people watcher and party-lover, I was amongst a handful of revellers to arrive first at the basement venue. DJ Bobafatt was already in the house blaring out some eclectic beats. I felt like a kid and in a candy store, there was something to see around every corner: an escapee Santa Claus; red strobes dotted nervously around the basement space which gave us glimpses of a comical Christmas nativity corner; and a Chandelier-inspired inverted Christmas tree (pressies and all) hung precariously from the basement beams. The costumes and make-up donned by many were simply outstanding – people had clearly made a sterling effort.

The compère for the night kicked off proceedings with a ballerina act with a difference. The difference being she took off all her gear to reveal her perfectly formed and enviable curves – all very tastefully done, of course. This was followed by a game of Gymbox pass the parcel. Well, it would have been pass the parcel had the first recipient of the parcel not been so drunk that she ripped into the package without regard for the rules. It was hilarious! She ploughed into the parcel revealing a list of instructions that she was subsequently unable to read. The instruction consisted of a series of tasks that included seeking possession of a third party left shoe, a bra, some chewing gum, tying yourself to a bearded man and once complete presenting yourself on stage loot in hand to claim the prize! As simple as that may have seemed, I can assure you the events that ensued made it look like a mission to save the world. It was pure genius. Absolutely hilarious, and to the best ab workout I've had in ages, due to laughing so much.

Other stage antics included apple bobbing Gymbox style with bell-ends and ball bags (I will leave that to your imagination), with entertainment from Claudia Hughes and her bendy body and the amazingly talented Harleighblu and her soulful hue.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was an event that made 2015 memorable. And if you didn't go, then you missed out! But never fear, more parties to come in 2016, so watch this space.

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