Gymbox loves... Salad Pride – members get 10% off

Gymbox loves...  Salad Pride – members get 10% off

Salad Pride is a treasure of a café we discovered in Neal's Yard Covent Garden. The salads not only look like artwork on a plate, they are flavoursome and filling to boot. Tuck in, we say, and get yourself 10% off through July and August. Just show your membership card when you order. We meet creator David Bez, who left his career as a graphic designer behind for his journey into nutrition, health and a happier life.

Hi David. We love your food. What inspired you to start Salad Pride?

The need for a healthier lifestyle and lunch in the office.

How has being a graphic designer influenced your culinary creativity?

Massively, I eat with my eyes first, and I love to create little layouts in my plate, too. I like to play with colour and shapes.

How important are aesthetics on the plate? Does it really encourage people to eat healthily?

I believe healthy eating had been associated with being boring for too long, tasteless and colourless food. My mission is to transfer taste, simplicity and beauty to healthy food. You should see the wonder in the faces of my clients when I give them their meals!

We agree! How has eating and experimenting with salads impacted on you, body and mind?

I've lost two stone. I feel much better, but more than anything I feel much more empowered. I quit my boring office job and I became a food writer and entrepreneur.

Your books have been a big hit, globally – is this indicative of a shift in healthy eating trends internationally

Salad Love is in 26 languages, and Breakfast Love in 15. There has indeed been a shift, and examples like Delicious Ella are just the tip of a huge, mostly young, movement.

How can one expect to feel from eating clean?

Not Just feel great, but maybe also change life! I promise you, you will feel amazing.

What salad do you recommend to our Gymbox members, to keep them fuelled pre-and-post workouts?

Our rich in protein salad (pictured below) which has watercress, cherry tomatoes, avocado, butter beans, pumpkin seeds, a fennel and dill dressing with soft boiled egg. The beetroot and Acai smoothie also goes well with this.

David's books are available in-store, or you can buy from Amazon, Salad Love and Breakfast Love.