It was the season to be jolly, jolly busy

It was the season to be jolly, jolly busy

While everyone else sat back and enjoyed another mince pie, we decided it was time to go to work, at Bank, Covent Garden, Holborn and Westfield London, with new frames, flooring, lifting platforms and resistance equipment. New Year’s resolutions? Now you’ve no excuses.

Covent Garden sees a brand new frame installed that maximises space and increases class attendance for some of the most popular classes such as Frame Fitness and Bartendaz. This new area now gives members the perfect space to train functionally, utilising the frame, ropes and bells.

We didn’t stop with the frame, we replaced all strength equipment with the latest Life Fitness resistance equipment – oh and brand new flooring.

Bank has had all resistance and strength equipment replaced with brand new pieces. The resistance area has been kitted out with the newest Life Fitness cable machines which give this area a whole new lease of life. The free weights area now has two full racks and all-new Hammer Strength equipment throughout.

These improvements have been complimented with a new ball wall for the functional area.

Westfield London has been treated to a new and improved frame, ball wall and two-lane sports track for all of your functional needs. Along with these improvements the flooring throughout the functional and cardio sections has been replaced.Holborn has already seen new flooring throughout the free weight and resistance areas giving these spaces new life. Further works to the Olympic lifting area is planned for the 13th, 14th & 15th January that will see brand new racks and platforms that will double the availability in this space. We’ve also built some shiny new storage to help keep those weights in order.