Time to get that kick-ass body

Time to get that kick-ass body

No more pussy-footing about. It's time to break a sweat and get a kick-ass body. And we can show you how.

Stretch to de-stress

You don't need to just hammer cardio and the weights room. Remember that stretching is just as vital to your fitness regime. Break a hard sweat and create a supple body with the help of our fantastic array of yoga classes. Take the plunge with Yoga Rave, Voga and Yoga For Runners.

Beat yourself up

Want to try something new and make some serious fitness headway? Then don't be afraid of throwing yourself into combat training. We have the best martial arts trainers in the world working with us at Gymbox in the form of Team Tieu and The Roger Gracie Academy.

Raise the barre

Envious of that dancer's body and want to shake off your inhibitions at the same time? Strut yourself into new realms of fitness, while burning off those unwanted calories, with our unique range of dance and ballet-inspired classes. Push yourself to new limits with Rock The Barre, Nae Nae and Bunny Bootcamp.

Unleash the psycho

So you think you're badass? We'd like to see if you can push yourself just that little bit further with our ultra hi-intensity classes. Become borderline insane with Psycho Circuits, Insanity and Drill Sergeant.

Be in it, to win it

Need a challenge in 2015? Gymbox can help ignite that competitive spirit with our range of functional training classes. Get to grips with our gut-wrenching Spartan Training Camp, Frame Fitness & CrossFitCityRoad classes.

Jumping hoops

Want to get into a sweat from a different perspective? Then embrace hardcore fitness and get wrecked from a totally new angle. Try Ariel Hoop, Ariel Yoga and Circus Fit.